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Abbreviations & Key Terms

Academic Forgiveness

Academic Calendar

Academic Departments

Academic Progress

Academic Standing

Academic Year Reporting Terms

Accounts Receivable

Activate UWSP Account

Add/Drop Forms

Add/Drop Procedure

Add/Drop Schedule by Term

Advising - General Info

Advising Policy 

Appeal for a Late Withdrawal from Classes/University

Apply for Graduation

Appointment Times

Associate of Arts and Science Degree

Attendance Information

Attendance Roster  -- (Steps in Reporting Attendance)


Authorities to Grant Exceptions



Bill Payment

Building Abbreviations

Bursar's Office




Cancellation of Enrollment/Registration

Career Services


Change of Gender Identity

Change of Name

Child Care

Class Schedule (understanding your schedule)


College of Fine Arts and Communication

College of Letters and Sciences

College of Natural Resources

College of Professional Studies


Communication Standards Manual

Continuing Education (UWSP)

Course Description Abbreviations

Course Offerings

Course Waivers and Substitutions

Credit by Exam

Credit Hours (Enrollment Status)

Course Credit Hour Policy (link to University Handbook. See Chap 5, Sec 16)

Credits/semester hours

Credit Overload

Curriculum Abbreviations



Dean's List

Department Chair List

Degree Verifications

Dining Locations

Diploma (replacement)

Disability Services

Disney World College Program

DPR (How to Read a DPR)

Drop/Add Dates



Electronic Authorizations

Emergency Contact Information

Enrollment Management

Enrollment Status (Credit Hours)

Enrollment Verifications

Exam Schedule