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​Attendance Information for Students

If you decide to drop a class, please do so using accesSPoint or visit the Office of the Registrar. Changes in class enrollment will impact your tuition and fee balance, financial aid award and veterans educational benefit.

During the first eight days of the regular 16 week term, your instructor will take attendance (see Attendance Roster Reporting). It is your responsibility to drop any course(s) that you are not attending or you will be held financially responsible for them.
  • If you must be absent during the term, tell your instructor prior to the class you will miss. If you cannot reach your instructor(s) in an emergency, contact the Dean of Students Office at 715-346-2611 or .

  • If you take part in an off-campus trip by an authorized university group such as an athletic team, musical or dramatic organization, or a class, make appropriate arrangements in advance with the instructor of each class you will miss. If you are absent from classes because of emergencies, off-campus trips, illness, or the like, your instructors will give you a reasonable amount of help in making up the work you have missed.

  • If you enroll in a course and cannot begin attending until after classes have already started, you must first get permission from the department offering the course. Otherwise, you may be required to drop the course.

  • If you do not make satisfactory arrangements with your instructors regarding excessive absences, you may be dismissed. If you are dismissed from a class, you will receive an F in that course. If you are dismissed from the University, you will receive an F in all enrolled courses.

Financial Aid Implications

Initiating attendance (academic activity) is required for ALL classes/credits upon which Federal Pell Grant and Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG) are based. For Direct Loans, eligibility must be established for the first disbursement of the Direct Loan by beginning attendance in at least one class. Being reported as not-attending may result in being billed for any money that was disbursed based on your enrollment. 

Absences due to Military Service

You will not be penalized for class absence due to unavoidable or legitimate required military obligations, or medical appointments at a VA facility, not to exceed two (2) weeks unless special permission is granted by the instructor. You are responsible for notifying faculty members of such circumstances as far in advance as possible and for providing documentation to the Office of the Dean of Students to verify the reason for the absence. The faculty member is responsible to provide reasonable accommodations or opportunities to make up exams or other course assignments that have an impact on the course grade. For absences due to being deployed for active duty, please refer to the Military Call-Up Instructions for Students.

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