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Attendance Information for Faculty

The attendance policy of the university requires instructors of record to take attendance at least once during the first eight days of the fall and spring semester.

As we all know, attendance in class is a key factor in students’ success.  Your reporting of student attendance not only provides the university with the opportunity to direct non-attending students to the proper campus resources for assistance but it also ensures our compliance with federal financial aid Title IV legislation. 

With regards to an asynchronous online class: A student is considered to be enrolled if they complete an online learning activity within the timeframe for this process. A simple log in is not adequate to determine attendance. A post on a discussion board, completion of a quiz or assignments would be something that demonstrates participation in the class.

Note to Instructors about Commenced Attendance: During the first eight days of the term, any student reported as "Never Attended" will be notified by the Office of the Registrar via email.

The Financial Aid Office is required by Federal law to retract financial aid for students that do not complete at least 60% of the semester for which they were awarded financial assistance. The mandated retraction formula uses the last date of attendance as a factor in determining the percentage of financial aid that must be returned to the U.S. Department of Education (DOE).  Therefore, it is important to monitor attendance/participation throughout the semester and make note of the last date of attendance/participation for those students that did not complete the term.

If you have any questions about Commenced Attendance, please contact the Registrar's Office at or 715/346-4301.

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