We define progress by our continued steps forward toward building and championing a sustainable and inclusive UWSP. We aim to develop and support a community where all can safely maintain integral personal identities, be equitable participants, and learn from one another. Progress toward a sustainable and inclusive UWSP starts with you. That is our Point

In-Progress and Exploring

The GSRC, NAC, and MCRC logos.
  • Campus Climate Survey
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Staff Awards
  • Campus Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
  • Launching an Inclusive Teaching Fellows program
  • Designating a neutral space for those of multiple faiths to reflect or meditate
  • Nursing Mothers rooms

Changes and Initiatives

  • Procedure developed for flagging policies or practices that have inequitable effects
  • Differing Abilities Advisory Council
  • Faculty and Staff Gender-Sexuality Alliance
  • University Diversity and Inclusion pages added to standing University site (2017); site maintainence charged to Diversity Council (2020) 
  • 2017: Sent letters to federal legislators (Sen. Baldwin, Sen, Johnson, Cong. Kind and Cong. Duffy) to voice support for the Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy (BRIDGE) Act  
  • 2017: Survey of bathroom facilities in other campus buildings to look at expanding all-gender spaces completed
  • 2016: Signed Statement in Support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program and our Undocumented Immigrant Students, joining college and university presidents and chancellors from across the county 
Academic Affairs: 
Student Affairs:
    Student Government Association logo
  • 2019: Flags of the twelve tribes represented in Wisconsin are posted within the Dreyfus University Center
  • Hate & Bias Response Team, Case Manager position, & Online Reporting resources
  • Met with diverse student organizations to discuss concerns raised about law enforcement and policing (law enforcement present at 4 of 6 meetings) 
  • Center for Prevention implements a comprehensive sexual assault/interpersonal violence prevention and awareness program
  • Validation through representation within Coordinator positions for each of the Resource Centers (GSRC, MCRC, NAC) ​
  • 2019: Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, Multicultural Resource Center, and Native American Center all located within Dreyfus University Center​
  • 2017: Blessing/Smudging Ceremony of new Native American Center/DCA spaces lead by Elder Sonny Smart (Department of Sociology and Social Work faculty member)​
  • 2016: First required inclusivity training added to first-year student Welcome Week schedule
Shared Governance:
  • 2020: An Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy Committee with responsibility of reviewing all policies that come through Common Council for equity concerns is passed
  • 2020: Guidelines for the Pedagogical Use of Offensive Language are passed
  • 2020: The campus Diversity & Inclusion Statement is drafted, supported, and instituted
  • 2019: Student Government Association and the Stevens Point Mayor’s office collaborated to install LGBTQ+ Pride crosswalk
  • Completed inventory of all courses addressing race, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and related topics 
  • 2018: Two members of each student organization are required to complete the Diversity & College Access-sponsored Diversity and Inclusion training​
  • Passed resolution of support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)​
  • Adopted the Indigenous Peoples Land Recognition statement to be read at SGA Generally Assembly and other SGA sponsored events​
  • 2016: A Call for Solidarity in the Face of Bias and Hate resolution passed and sent to all students, faculty and staff  
  • 2020: Portage County creates a Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee
  • 2016: The City of Stevens Point's efforts on diversity and inclusion are noted in the resolution
  • Annual installment of 4th Ave Teal Street Proclamation (Sexual Assault Awareness) and Pink Street (Breast Cancer Awareness)