​​Welcome to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at UWSP!

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Our Commitment to an Inclusive Campus

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is committed to fostering a sustainable and inclusive campus community by striving to dismantle bias and hate and empowering marginalized voices. To sustain this commitment, we must move beyond the idea of cultural competence and move toward intentional recognition of power and privilege. We commit to ongoing exploration of our own biases, personal reflection, and a willingness to listen to and learn from others of diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives. We commit to reframing our interactions and reflecting on own experiences and identities. Our intentional commitment allows us to develop, support, and educate our students and one another to constructively engage in local, regional, and global communities.

As a predominantly white institution with changing student, faculty, and staff demographics, it is imperative we work together in the pursuit of social justice to dismantle systems of oppression and actualize basic human rights for all. We've made progress and continue to recognize the process of working toward this goal. By building collaborative advocacy across campuses and within our communities, we can dismantle bias and hate, empower marginalized voices, and intentionally shift power and privilege. Our commitment to this process allows us to build a stronger UWSP.

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