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Military Call-Up Instructions for Students

Cancellations of Enrollment:

If the student is called up before the start of the semester, a cancellation form must be filled out or a letter sent notifying us of the cancellation with the reason indicated. If the semester has already started, a withdrawal form must be filled out by the student. The withdrawal form must indicate the current date as the "date of withdrawal". The reason for the withdrawal or cancellation must state "called to active military duty for wartime service" OR "withdrawing from the university due to active training requirement with the military". NOTE: The student must officially withdraw from the university.

If you are living in a residence hall, you will need to notify the Residential Living Office at 715-346-3511. If you are receiving financial aid, let our Veterans Coordinator know in the Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services at 715-346-4771. 

You will need to provide UW-Stevens Point with a copy of the orders. We will cancel any benefits you were receiving while attending class.  If the orders are not available at the time of the withdrawal, they may be faxed to  715-346-3526 at a later date.

Individual Course Options

If called up early in the semester, students may choose to withdraw and re-enter when their obligation is completed. In such cases, the students would receive a full refund of their tuition and a prorated refund of any housing and food service charges. If called mid-to-late-semester, students might prefer to drop some courses and/or receive a refund for the courses dropped and a prorated refund of any housing and food service charges.

If called late in the semester, students could request incompletes or instructors might be able to consider their courses complete and assign grades.

  • A grade of "incomplete" may be awarded at the discretion of the instructor. It may be possible for you to be granted an extension of time allowed to complete the work in the course. If you are gone for an extended period of time, the department chair of the course would need to notify the Registrar's Office of the extended time allowed.
  • In some instances, an instructor may determine that a sufficient amount of course work has been completed and therefore may choose to award a final grade. You must consult with the instructor to determine whether these requirements have been met.

We encourage all students in this situation to discuss the matter with their instructors and to be clear about their status before departing. In the event that any students have to leave abruptly and don't have an opportunity to discuss the situation with their instructors, we will notify the instructors and appropriate officials if you ask us to do so. If students are called up due to "active military duty for wartime service", and we have a copy of the orders to that effect, we will maintain students' email account. This will enable the student to continued use of their university e-mail account, continue to have appointed registration times, and maintain ties to the university to ease their re-entry upon return.

  • The university will add the Veterans Coordinator as an advisor in order to better assist your return to UW-Stevens Point.
  • When returning to the university, bring a copy of your most recent DD-214 to the Veterans Coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services, 103 Student Services Center. You can also contact the Office of the Registrar at 715-346-4301 to get information on how/when to register for classes.


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