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​Withdrawal from the University 

If you are considering withdrawing from school, you should first discuss the decision with your academic advisor. To initiate the official withdrawal procedure, you must submit the Withdrawal eForm located in the Forms tile from your accesSPoint homepage.  A student who voluntarily leaves the University at any time without completing the prescribed withdrawal procedures will be considered as still registered and will receive an F in each course in which they are enrolled. If the term has not yet started, you will need to follow the cancellation policy.  To withdraw from all of your courses, you will click on the Forms tile from your homepage in accesSPoint and then click on the Term Cancellation/Withdrawal form.

If you withdraw during the first eight days of the semester, only the date of withdrawal will appear on your transcript. After the eighth day and through the tenth week, you will receive a W for each course. Please note: courses that meet less than the full semester have different deadlines. You will receive grades for any courses completed prior to your withdrawal and are responsible for any costs associated with those courses. Refunds for dropped courses will be calculated by the Student Financial Services Office.

After the tenth week, you may only submit an academic appeal to withdraw if you have an extenuating circumstance such as a serious illness, or a personal issue that is clearly beyond your control. Requests to withdraw after the deadline must be directed to the Office of the Registrar. If your appeal is approved, grades of W will be assigned to your courses.

Students without a valid reason for dropping after the tenth week will receive a grade of F for each course not completed. If you stop attending school and do not officially withdraw, you will receive an F for those courses in which you are still registered and will be responsible for the related tuition and fees.

Withdrawing from the University and Financial Aid

When a financial aid recipient withdraws during a term, they may be required to repay a portion of the financial aid they received. See Impact of Withdrawing from School on Financial Aid for more information.

Repeated occurrences of earning W grades may affect your ability to maintain standards of academic progress and may jeopardize your financial aid eligibility. See Satisfactory Academic Progress to determine the effect of courses not successfully completed.

A medical withdrawal may be granted in instances where a student is faced with a serious or unexpected condition that completely precludes the student from being able to function as a student and in which the regular university withdrawal process and refund schedule is not appropriate.  Students seeking a medical withdrawal should complete a Tuition Appeal after they have withdrawn from the University.

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