Final Exam Schedules

All instructors meet with their classes during the final examination period at the time and place scheduled. There is no final exam period scheduled on campus for courses taught 100% distance learning, courses for which no campus visit is required at any time. Instructors of partial distance learning courses, courses of which 75% or more delivered via distance learning and have at least one required campus visit, may at their own discretion determine if a final examination meeting on campus is warranted.  An instructor may change the time or place of a final examination only with the approval of the appropriate dean.

If, due to illness or an emergency, an instructor is unable to give a scheduled examination, the instructor notifies the department chair and the dean and provides a make-up examination.

If you have three or more examinations on the same day, or if you have other problems with the examination schedule, your instructors may, at their discretion, change the schedule for you.