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Understanding Your Class Schedule

You can view your class schedule in accesSPoint by clicking on the My Classes tile. A sample of the first page displayed is shown below, along with explanations of the different class makeups that you might see.

fall-sched w numbers2.png

1. In-Person - This class meets at the days and times specified, in the room listed. If the class is on the Wausau or Marshfield Campus, the campus will be listed under "Room."

2. Online - If you see "Online" listed without days or times, your class will be held entirely online without any specific meeting times. Class participation will be required throughout the entire length of the class, up to several times each week; your instructor will provide you with more details.

3. Scheduled-Time Online - This class is conducted entirely online and has at least a portion of the class held at the days and times specified using interactive video and various technologies in a "Virtual Classroom." Additional unscheduled time may be required.

4. Hybrid, with cohorts (small groups) - This class is a mixture of online and in-person learning. When you see "Cohort Attendance," this is a sign that your class will be split up into smaller groups to meet with your instructor for the face-to-face portion of your class on campus. Specific details (cohort size, meeting frequency, etc.) can be found on Canvas or in the class syllabus.

5. Class Information - clicking on the > symbol in the class info box will bring up additional information about the class, including any class notes listed. Classes with "cohort attendance" will have the note shown.


 fall-cohort msg-smaller.png

Weekly View 

Once in the My Classes tile, clicking on "My Weekly View" on the left will bring up a day-by-day view of your classes, with each class showing as a shaded box. 

fall-sched-weekly with numbers.png

1. Since it is a weekly view, the schedule will reflect any days classes are not in session - holidays for example. The Fall 2020 semester is pretty unique in that the first two weeks of school are not full 5-day weeks. Cycle through the weeks using the arrow buttons at the top of the page.

2. Looking at the boxes in this portion you can see a quick summary of each class - the subject, catalog number, and section (e.g. ENGL 101 - 08), as well as the time and room. Classes listed with "Virtual Classroom" as the room will meet online with the instructor at the specified time. 

If you see any classes listed twice, like FREN 101 is here, something unique is happening with that class. Perhaps two different rooms will be used, or in the case of FREN 101 here, the class is being taught in a hybrid fashion, with students attending in cohorts (groups). Specific details about each class with "Cohort Attendance" listed will be found in Canvas or the class syllabus.

3. Classes without set days and times to meet will be listed below the weekly schedule. PHIL 100 in this case is being taught online (as seen above).


More information about credits/units and expected workload for classes

Each credit represents 50 minutes of in-class equivalent instruction time for each week of the semester. We consider two, or sometimes three, hours of laboratory work the equivalent of one hour of class work. A 3-credit (non-lab) class, then, would normally meet for 3 50-minute periods or the equivalent. In the case of online or hybrid classes, expect to spend at least that amount of time in direct-learning time. For every 50 minutes you spend "in class," it is expected that you will spend an additional 1-2 hours of time doing the additional work required for the class; this is no different from the amount of time you are expected to spend studying for most face to face classes

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