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Academic Standing

Degree- and non-degree-seeking undergraduate students are required to meet the university's academic standards to be eligible to continue their studies.

The academic standard is a semester grade point average of 2.00 or higher and a cumulative UWSP grade point average of 2.00 or higher. Students who have met these standards are considered to be in Good Standing.

Students who do not meet these standards at the end of a semester will be allowed to continue their studies but will be placed on Warning or Probation depending on their semester GPA.

Students on Warning who do not meet these standards at the end of a subsequent semester will be placed on Probation or Suspension depending on their semester GPA. Students on Probation who are not making progress toward meeting academic standards will be placed on Suspension and may not continue their studies as a degree-seeking student until re-admitted after serving term of suspension or re-instated on appeal. Students may only continue their studies as a non-degree student in limited circumstances.

Requirements for each academic standing are as follows:

*Returning students may see "Probation 1" in lieu of "Warning" and "Probation 2" in lieu of "Probation"


Only UW-Stevens Point grades factor into the determination of academic standing.


New freshmen and transfer students are admitted with no standing. 

Re-entry students whose standing at end of last term of attendance was Good, Warning, or Probation will be admitted to the same standing.

Students readmitted from suspension after serving a term of suspension are placed on Warning.

Students reinstated from suspension on appeal are placed on Probation.  


Academic Standing is calculated each term on students who have attempted at least six credits.

Students' academic standings are evaluated at the end of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, but not at the end of Winterim.

The only academic standing recorded on the student's official transcript is Suspension. 

A student readmitted after a term of suspension will have their recording statement changed to "Suspension-Readmitted on Warning."

A student reinstated based on appeal will have their recording statement changed to "Suspension-Reinstated on Probation."


UW-Stevens Point provides students Warning and Probation standings to provide them opportunities to make changes in their academic practices so they can meet academic standards. Students who receive these standings are expected to engage in self-reflection and be proactive in seeking guidance from faculty, their academic advisors, and academic success staff.


The purpose of suspension is to give students sufficient time to develop a new plan for academic success.  Students with the standing of Suspension may not continue their studies as non-degree-seeking or degree-seeking students for a specified period of time.  The terms of suspension are as follows:

If Suspended
at End of:
May Not Attend:May Apply for
Re-admission for:
FallWinterim, Spring, SummerFall
Summer, Fall, Winterim
SummerFall and Winterim

Once a standing of suspension has been finalized by the Registrar, students will be notified in writing of their standing and the policy and procedure to appeal.  Students who do not appeal by the deadline and students whose appeals are denied will be administratively withdrawn from course registrations for all subsequent semesters except Summer or Winterim, see below.

Students who have served their term of suspension may apply for re-admission for the indicated term following standard procedures of the Office of Admissions for re-entry students.  No appeal is required as part of the application process.

Suspended students may stay enrolled in Summer and Winterim classes as a special/non-degree-seeking student if they are registered for those classes at the time of Suspension. If a student's UWSP cumulative GPA is over a 2.00 after that upcoming semester, they will be automatically readmitted on Warning for the following term.



Students may apply to the Registrar for an immediate correction of academic standing of Warning, Probation, and Suspension based on approved grade changes.  If no immediate correction is made, the grade changes will be factored into the next semester's evaluation of academic standings. 


Students may appeal only a standing of Suspension.

Suspension appeals are limited to those based on unforeseen circumstances that occurred during the Probationary period that prevented the student from earning a semester grade point average of 2.00 or higher.  Unforeseen circumstances include but are not limited to serious injury or illness of the student or a family member, death of a family member, or similarly disrupting experiences.

Students make an appeal by submitting an appeal packet consisting of a signed appeal form, a personal statement, and documentation of the unforeseen circumstances.  Appeal packets are received at the Registrar's Office and are reviewed by the University Academic Appeals Committee.

Students may appeal the decisions of the University Academic Appeals Committee to the Provost or their delegate.  The decision of the Provost or their delegate is final.

Policy effective Fall 2022

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