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​Academic Forms


Some forms are now available as eForms through accesSPoint.  From your accesSPoint homepage, click on the Forms tile and select the form you need or use this direct link to the eForms.

Forms initiated by students:

  • Academic Leave Form (to be used to notify the university you will be taking one or more semesters off but are not registered for future terms) 
  • Campus/Degree Program Transition
  • Cancellation/Withdrawal Form
  • Course Repeat Form
  • Late Add Request
  • Late Drop Request
  • Pass/Fail Form
  • Schedule Conflict Form
  • Section Change Form
  • Transfer of Graduate Credits (can also be initiated by advisors)
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Split Status Form
Forms initiated by advisors:
  • Credit Overload Approval (Advisors can initiate overload for Spring or Fall for 18 - 20 credits.  21+ credits, Summer, and Winterim approval is initiated by Deans or Asst. Deans depending on the college.)
  • Graduate Course - 120 Credit Exception
  • GEP Exceptions
  • Transfer of Graduate Credits (can also be initiated by students)
Forms initiated by instructors:
  • Grade Change/Remove Incomplete Form
Forms initiated by department chairs:
  • Credit Overload Approval

Printable Forms

Academic Forgiveness Application

Academic Suspension Appeal Form

Add/Drop Forms (also available as eForms):  

Age 60 and Over Audit Registration Form

Appeal for a Late Withdrawal from Classes/University

Audit Course Approval Form

Authorities to Grant Exceptions

Campus/Degree Program Transition Form (also available as an eForm)

Cancellation Form

Change of Primary (legal) Name Form -- also see   Name Change Policy

Change of Preferred Name

Change in Gender Form 

Course Registration Form (non-degree seeking students)

Exception Forms:

Credit Overload Approval Form

Credit Registration Restrictions - Authorization Form

Curriculum Changes - New Course or Major -- also see   General Education Program (GEP)

Faculty Senate Curricular Forms

FERPA Release - Office of the Registrar

FERPA Release - Academic Advisors

Late Add Approver List

Letter of Recommendation Release Form

National Student Exchange (NSE) Advising Form

Non-degree Seeking Student Registration

Primary Name change Form

Registration Worksheet

Schedule Conflict Approval Form

Schedule Planning Form

Transfer Credit Equivalency Agreement Form

Undergraduate/Graduate Split Program Status

Withdrawal Form



Who has Authority to Grant Exceptions to Academic Policies

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