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Advising Resources for Current Students

The information below is for current UWSP students planning to register for the upcoming term. The Office of Admissions and Recruitment will provide incoming first-year and transfer students with academic advising and course registration materials at the appropriate time.

Prior to registering for courses, students are required to schedule an advising appointment with their academic advisor. Note:  Students may locate their advisor's name in accesSPoint by clicking on the Profile tile and then Advisors.  Each department has their own advising schedule and students should be contacted by their advisor as to when their department's official advising period begins. Click here to review the UWSP Advising Policy.

NOTE: Advising appointments should be scheduled with an academic advisor well in advance of a student's registration date and time. Current students may view their registration appointment date and time in accesSPoint or view all available registration dates by term.
  • Registration appointment times are an assigned date and time of when you can register for courses.  To find your registration appointment, click on the My Classes tile from your homepage in accesSPoint.  Then click on Registration Dates and choose the correct term.  The date and time when you will be able to enroll in your classes through accesSpoint will be listed in the Enrollment Appointments box under the Appointment Begins column.
  • Advising appointments are a separate meeting with you and your advisor to discuss course selection, and other advising questions. Students may register for courses on their assigned date only if they have met with their advisor in advance and the advising hold has been released.

See also Academic Forms --- Registration Help Videos

Advising appointments:

  1. Students should review their DPR in accesSPoint and begin selecting general education and major/minor courses to take prior to their scheduled advising appointment. See the online catalog for additional information and course descriptions.

    NOTE: Preparing for your advising appointment in advance of your advisor meeting is an important step in the advising process. To assist advisors during the advising appointment, students should print two copies of their Degree Progress Report (DPR): one copy for their advisor and one copy for themselves. During the advising appointment, students and advisors should work together to clean-up any DPR exceptions or substitutions that were approved by the Major/Minor Department.

  2. After meeting with an advisor, the advising hold will be released. This will allow the student to register for courses on their assigned registration date.  Advising holds are placed on fall and spring terms only. Advising is NOT required for winterim or summer sessions.

  3. If the department has confirmed that a requirement on the DPR will be satisfied with prior coursework, then the advisor must submit official paperwork for this exception (see Course Exception Forms for major and general education exceptions/substitutions).

    See the following links for additional assistance with advising:

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