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Registration Authorizations and Restrictions

  • Instructor/Department Consent - Online authorization from the instructor or department office is required before a student will be able to register for the class in accesSPoint.
  • Prerequisites not met - Students will not be able to register for a class if they do not meet the prerequisites listed for the class in the Schedule of Classes.  An online override will allow the student to register in accesSPoint if approved and granted by the department.

  • Closed Courses - Students should check with the department of the course regarding their policy.

  • Repeating a Course - Students must have approval to REPEAT a course they had previously completed at UWSP or had transferred in. The electronic authorization of the advisor and chair of the department offering the course is required to avoid the student being administratively dropped from the course.

  • Study Load - The typical study load is 14-17 credits per semester. Study loads of 18-20 credits must be approved by the designated authority on the Credit Overload Approval Form before students can register in accesSPoint for an overload. Study loads of 21 or more credits must be approved by the dean.  All overload forms are to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, room 101 SSC.

  • 12 Credit Hour Restriction - Students must complete the general degree requirements they need (according to their placement scores) from Mathematics 100, 105 and English 101, 202, 150 before completing 60 credits toward graduation. If, by the 60 credit limit, the student has not complied with this policy, they will be allowed to register for a maximum of 12 credits. Those 12 credits must include the mathematics and English general degree requirement courses they lack.

    If placed into REMEDIAL mathematics, students must complete those remedial courses before they earn 30 credits toward graduation. If they do not, they will be restricted to a maximum of 12 credits a semester, including the remedial courses, until the requirement is met.

  • Independent Study/Thesis Courses - Students registering for special work, independent study, and thesis courses must have electronic authorization from the chair of the department in which the course is offered. Students are being urged to obtain the authorization during the advising period and prior to registration. Courses which require this special authorization are most courses ending in 95,96,97,98, and 99 (e.g. 399, 796).

  • W Drops - Students will receive a W on their transcript for all courses OFFICIALLY dropped after the eighth day of the semester for full semester courses.  W drop deadlines for courses in other sessions can be found here.  If students stop attending a course or they do not drop before the deadline, a grade of F is assigned. 


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