How To Register

 Continuing Students

All students who are currently active in accesSPoint will be assigned a registration appointment time and are eligible to register on the web during the registration periods.

  • Use accesSPoint to find your appointment time.

      • Enter your campus login and password and click on the My Classes tile from your Homepage.
      • Then, click on Registration Dates from the list of links on the left.  Choose a term and click Continue.
      • A Shopping Cart Appointment is when your shopping cart opens for that term.  The date and time is listed in the Appointment Begins Column.
      • Scroll down to view your Enrollment Appointment time.  Your Enrollment Appointment is when you can begin registering for classes.  You can register from this date forward.  The Appointment Ends date only refers to the end of assigned appointment times.


If you are not able to register at the time of your scheduled appointment, you may register anytime after your appointed time has passed. You may also have a proxy register for you. Email for more information.

Check your Tasks tile to see if you have any holds that will prevent you from registering.

    • Read and complete the UWSP Credit Agreement.  Clicking the "I Accept" button will electronically sign our agreement confirming your acceptance of the UWSP Credit Agreement.  All students will be required to sign the new online UWSP Credit Agreement, even if you have already signed our prior paper agreement before.  Please complete the agreement to prevent delay in registration. 

    • International undergraduate students are required to pay an insurance premium before they can register for the fall or spring term. Students may pay the insurance premium online or at the Student Financial Services Office. Students will not be able to register on the web if this hold exists. Questions regarding the insurance premium should be directed to the International Student and Scho​lar Services​ (ISSS).


  • Make an appointment with your advisor if you have not already done so.

      • Your advisor's name can be found in the Profile tile from your Homepage.  Click on Advisor from the list of links on the left.
      • If you do not have an advisor or if you have recently changed your major, report to the chair of the department of your major to be assigned an advisor.
      • If you have not declared a major, report to the Academic and Career Advising Center, Room 209, Collins Classroom Center.
    • Print out a Degree Progress Report (DPR) from accesSPoint. Your DPR will contain Additional University, GEP, and Major/Minor/Certificate requirements.
    • Review the catalog or DPR requirements of your major(s), minor(s), and general education requirements.
      • Verify what courses you have taken.
      • Note what requirements you need to complete.
      • Check the Course Catalog for the descriptions of your recommended courses.
      • Do the courses have prerequisites?  Have you met them?
    • Review the Schedule of Classes to see what courses are being offered.  Click on the Search for Classes tile from your Homepage.
    • Bring two copies of your paperwork to your meeting. The two of you will review your DPR, discuss the courses you should take to complement your academic goals and personal interests, and arrive at a list of possible courses.
    • You must insist on a list of alternates. There is no guarantee that your first choices will be open and conflict-free when you register. You will be spared aggravation if you have alternate course choices.

Obtain all special registration authorizations.

    • Are any of your courses identified in the Schedule of Classes as Instructor or Department Consent required?  If so, you should request online authorization be granted prior to your registration appointment time.  Instructors can grant permissions for classes they teach which are Instructor Consent required.  Department consent must be granted by the department chair of the course.
    • Are you repeating any courses?  You must obtain the approval of your advisor first and they will forward the request to the department chair of the course for additional approval.  You will be able to add the course yourself online.
    • Certain authorizations must be on signed forms.  For example, you must submit an approved form for auditing a course or to release a 12 credit restriction. Many authorizations are now done using electronic forms.  From your accesSPoint homepage, click on the Forms tile to view the forms you can initiate.  Click here to see the full list of eForms and who initiates them.​​

    • From your Homepage in accesSPoint, click on the My Classes tile
    • Add specific sections of classes to your Shopping Cart if any permissions are granted.
    • You can use Schedule Builder to create a schedule of your chosen courses.  Your choices can then be transferred to your Shopping Cart to prepare for enrollment.
    • Once your chosen courses and sections have been sent to your Shopping Cart, validate your cart to ensure there are no time conflicts and that you meet all prerequisites.  You will need to revalidate your shopping cart every so often to make sure any changes to the Schedule of Classes won't negatively impact your chosen classes.

    • When your appointment time arrives, visit your Shopping Cart and click Finish Enrolling to officially register for your desired classes. 
    • Green checkmarks let you know that your registration for that class has been processed successfully.  If accesSPoint was not able to register you for any of your chosen classes, you will see a red "X" and an explanation of the error.

There are kiosks available in the Office of the Registrar (101 SSC) for students to use to register for classes. The staff will be there to offer assistance and answer any of your registration-related questions.  The Office of the Registrar is open Monday through Friday from 7:45am to 4:30pm.


 Graduate Students

If you are currently enrolled, follow the procedures for continuing students outlined above.  If you are not enrolled at UWSP, start in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment located in the UWSP Welcome Center, 2108 Fourth Avenue.

If you need to consult with an adviser or obtain special permission to enroll in a course, you are urged to make such arrangements prior to registration.

View Registration Dates by Term

 Special Non-Degree Students & Winterim or Summer Course Registration

If you are not currently enrolled at UWSP and wish to register as a non-degree seeking student during for the fall, winterim, spring or summer term, you may register for courses by completing the online application at Select non-degree seeking or special student during the application process. No application fee or enrollment deposit is required for non-degree seeking students.

Questions about course registration? Contact the Office of the Registrar at 715-346-4301 or

 First-Year, Transfer, and Re-entry Students

  • First-Year students will register during one-day orientation/registration sessions. You will receive information about these sessions from the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  • Transfers will register during a one-day orientation and registration session. Notices of when to report for registration will be sent out from the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  • Re-entries will be invited to register with continuing students (according to number of earned credits). Contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment regarding dates and times.
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