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​Grade Points

For every course you take, you receive a letter grade.

Gr​ade  Points      Grade   Points

A         4.00          C+       2.33

A-        3.67          C         2.00

B+       3.33          C-        1.67

B         3.00          D+       1.33

B-        2.67          D         1.00

                            F         0.00

Besides the grades listed above, you may also receive the following designations on your grade reports, none of which carry a point value:
  • AU - Audit
  • CE - Credit by exam
  • GP - Graduate progress
  • I - Your work in a course is incomplete, and you have obtained your instructor's permission to complete the course.
  • IP - Course in progress
  • NC - No credit
  • NR - Grade not reported
  • P - You passed a pass/fail course and received credit for it. If you fail such a course you receive an F and earn no credit.
  • RC - Retroactive credit
  • S - You satisfactorily completed a noncredit course
  • TO - Exemption/test out
  • W - You withdrew from a course after the end of the eighth day of classes. If you drop a course before then, the course does not appear on your record.
  • WV - Waiver   

To determine your grade point average (GPA):​

  1. Multiply the number of semester hours for each course you have taken times the point value of the grade you have received in each course.
  2. Add the products for all your courses.
  3. Divide this sum by the number of semester hours you have taken excluding P and I grades.
         Example: If you received an A in one 2 credit course and a B in a 4 credit course:


1. 2 credits x 4.00 points = 8.00. 4 credits x 3.00 points = 12.00
2. 8.00 + 12.00 = 20.00
3. 20.00 divided by 6 credits = 3.33 semester GPA

You may also use the GPA calculator to predict your GPA.

We use your GPA to determine whether you are eligible for honors, for admission to certain majors, colleges, and curricula, and for determining your eligibility for membership in those campus organizations for which scholastic achievement is a criterion. 

Blank grade area means the grade has not been reported. Grades are online within a business day of receiving them from the instructor.   

Why does it take so long for grades to get posted? 
Instructors need time to figure grades. The time between the end of a course and the time you can see your grade is mostly due to that. You can see your grades as soon as they are entered.
Students will see about 44% of their grades by the end of finals week.

Based on past experience, the percentage online increases to: 
Working Days After     Average % of
Last Day of Finals        Grades Online

      0                                  44%

      1                                  64%

      2                                  78%

      3                                  93% (remaining grades are for non-standard courses)

      4                                  98% 

At the end of day four, grade point averages (GPAs) are determined as well as academic status, e.g. probation, suspension, and honors. 

Printed grade reports

You can print a grade report from accesSPoint by clicking on the Academic Records tile from your Homepage.  Then click on Print Grade Report and select the term you would like to print.


After a course has been repeated, the credits and points from the earlier attempt are removed from the cumulative grade point average. If you elect the bankruptcy option after being suspended, your cumulative grade point average starts over. If you repeat a course that was originally taken before bankruptcy, the repeat will not affect the GPA because the prior course was already removed. Semester GPAs are not affected by repeats. All graded courses count in the semester average whether they are repeats or not. For more information on repeats, see the university catalog.   

Academic Standing  

Degree- and non-degree-seeking undergraduate students are required to meet the university's academic standards to be eligible to continue their studies.

The academic standard is a semester grade point average of 2.00 or higher and a cumulative UWSP grade point average of 2.00 or higher. Students who have met these standards are considered to be in Good Standing.

Students who do not meet these standards at the end of a semester will be allowed to continue their studies but will be placed on Warning. Students on Warning who do not meet these standards at the end of a subsequent semester will be allowed to continue their studies but will be placed on Probation.

Students on Probation who are not making progress toward meeting academic standards will be placed on Suspension and may not continue their studies.

Click here for more information about Academic Standing.

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