​Web Authoring Tutorials

The public-facing www.uwsp.edu website is built with SharePoint 2013. We have written several tutorials to help you manage your SharePoint UWSP website.

If there is a web topic that you'd like us to make a tutorial about please let us know.​

Other resources

Learn HTML at w3Schools
HTML is the language used to create the structure of web pages.

Learn CSS at w3Schools
CSS is the language used to define how a web page looks, like what fonts and colors to use.

Learn Javascript at Code Academy
Javascript is the scripting language used on the web.

Learn XSLT at w3Schools
XSLT can be used to manipulate and style list data in SharePoint.

LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning has numerous tutorials about a wide variety of subjects including SharePoint and InfoPath. You have free access to LinkedIn Learning with your UWSP account.