Create a new page in a folder inside of the pages library

By default new pages are created in the root of the pages library. If you want your new page to be created inside of a folder in the Pages library you need to do it in a slightly different way than shown in the creating a new page tutorial.

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to create your new page in the pages library. (To make a new folder see the tutorial on how to make a folder inside of a library.)

  2. In the ribbon menu at the top of the page go to the Documents tab of the Library Tools ribbon menu. Click the New Document button on the far left side of the ribbon menu.
    new document button

  3. On the next page you're asked to fill in informtion about the new page. Fill in the title, file name, and pick a page layout.
    fill in the page information

  4. Click Create to save the page. The page is created inside of the folder.
    The new page in the folder