​How to Edit the Footer Information

  1. Go the the Settings menu and select Site Contents

    picture of the Site Actions menu

  2. On the All Site Content page find the list called Footer and click on it.
    image of the footer library

  3. The Footer is a list with one item in it. That one item is the information that shows up in the footer of your site. Move your mouse over the footer information and click the checkbox that appears to the left of the information.
    image of selecting the footer content

    Select the Edit Item button from the ribbon menu at the top of the page.
    image of the Edit Item button

  4. A modal window will pop up allowing you to edit the information. When you click inside the text box the text formatting ribbon menu controls appear and you can edit the information like any other text box.
    edit window
    Remember to click the Save button when you are done.

  5. Navigate to any page in your site and doublecheck that the footer looks correct.