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This website contains the information you need to successfully maintain your department's web presence o​n www.uwsp.edu. There are tutorials teaching you how to put your website together, information about SEO, and UW-Stevens Point's web standards.​


Updated Rotating Banner Tutorial

9/18/2019 10:22 AM

​The rotating banner tutorial has been updated to clarify where on the page the banner is added.

New Video: How to edit the footer

9/17/2018 7:54 AM

​A new video has been added showing how to edit the contact information in the footer.

Quick Reference Videos Added

8/17/2018 8:40 AM

​A "Quick Reference Videos" page has been added. This page contains short videos, less than one minute long, showing how to do various actions on the website. These are useful if you just need a quick reminder of how to do something, or where something is, and don't want to read/watch the associated full tutorial.

New Tutorial Video Added

8/15/2018 9:14 AM

​A video has been added to the tutorial for how to make a new page inside of a folder in the pages library. More video tutorials coming soon.

Web Team

Dawn Anthes
Web Developer
SSC 020B

Noah Warren
Web Developer
SSC 020

Jay Christianson
SharePoint Administrator
SSC 020A