Mobile iOS Wireless Setup

Connect to the UWSPWIRELESS or eduroam network from your iPad, iPhone, iTouch or iPod.

Important Password Change Information: When you change your UWSP password your mobile iOS device will attempt to connect using the password that is cached on your device (the old password), this may result in your account becoming locked.  After changing your UWSP password,  update your iOS device settings.  From your device tap Settings - WiFi - tap UWSPWIRELESS or eduroam network - tap Forget this Network.  Repeat the steps below to reconnect to the UWSPWIRELESS or eduroam network.

  1. Select the settings icon from the home screen.  

  2. Tap Wi-Fi.

  3. Turn on Wi-Fi and tap the UWSPWIRELESS network:
    • Are you a guest and your instituition participates in the eduroam consortium?  If so, tap the eduroam network.

  4. Enter your UWSP Username and Password.  If you are using eduroam, enter your home instituition credentials.
  5. Tap Join.
  6. Tap Accept to the security certificate prompt.

  7. You should be returned to the Wi-Fi screen. You will see the UWSP wireless network has been highlighted with a check mark next to it.
    You should now be connected to the internet.