​Tablet FAQs


 Purchasing tablet applications guidelines

All applications purchased with University funds are University property.  For questions about purchasing applications for your University-owned tablet, please contact IT Purchasing.

Purchasing iPad Applications

  • Free applications may be downloaded from iTunes or the AppStore.

  • All iOS apps purchased with University funds, including app purchases which are grant-funded or approved through your department, must go through Information Technology Purchasing.

IT Purchasing receives reduced costs on many iOS applications.

Purchasing Android Tablet Applications

There are a variety of sources for Android applications. Currently, UWSP does not have purchase agreements in place.  The following guidelines apply.

  • Free applications may be downloaded from sources such as Google Play.

  • If you have a UWSP Purchasing card (P-Card), your P-Card should be used for payment.

  • If you do not have a P-Card, and have used personal funds, you may submit a request for Petty Cash Reimbursement through Payment Services.

Additional Guidelines

  • Apps purchased with State funds must be for educational/work purposes.

  • Applications purchased with your own personal funds for any purpose without prior approval from your department or IT Purchasing cannot be reimbursed.

  • In order to purchase applications with State funds, the tablet where the application installs must be owned by UWSP.

  • State procurement rules prohibit the purchase of gift cards (including iTunes and Google Play cards) using State issued P-Cards.

  • Computing technology that is owned by UWSP is bound by UWSP’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Contact Information

If you need assistance purchasing an application with State funds or have additional purchasing questions?  Contact Information Technology Purchasing.

 Report a lost or stolen tablet

UWSP’s Information Security Office requires any lost/stolen device be reported immediately to the Information Technology Service Desk.

You may also wish to contact your College Support Team member in the event your device is found and turned in.


 Can I purchase additional accessories for a tablet?

Yes. Additional accessories are available for purchase. Please see the tablet purchase order form available on our Departmental Hardware Purchases page for accessory options.

​Apple Account Information

 How do I create an Apple ID without entering credit card information?

Visit Apple's support article HT2534 for instructions on creating an Apple ID without entering credit card information.

 I already have an Apple ID, can I change it to use my UWSP logon or email address?

No. You should use separate accounts for personal and University owned devices. 

For auditing purposes, assets such as apps which are purchased with a University account and funds should only be installed on University owned devices.  UWSP staff are discouraged from installing personal apps.

 How do I set my Apple ID payment method?

To avoid accidental charges, Information Technology recommends setting your payment method to "None". 

When making a personal purchase, temporarily change this setting.  Change it back to payment method of "None" upon completion of your purchase.

To change your Apple ID payment method,  visit Apple's KB article ht1918.

 Where can I manage my Apple ID account or reset the password?

To manage your Apple ID or reset a forgotten apple ID password sign in to Apple's Apple ID web. You can also visit their page of frequently asked questions.


 Can I purchase apps using personal funds?

For questions regarding purchasing applications for your University-owned tablet, please contact IT Purchasing.  You can also refer to the FAQ above titled Purchasing tablet applications guidelines for more information.

 How do I install a university purchased app on my iPad?

You can install University purchased apps from your iPad's Self Service app.  Most of the apps in Self Service can be installed without signing in to the App Store.

Important:  There may be a delay before the apps are installed, as the device needs to communicate with Apple before the apps are pushed to the device.

 How do I reinstall a university purchased app on my iPad?

  1. From the university owned iPad open the App Store.
  2. Tap Purchased to view purchased apps under your Apple ID.
  3. Tap the cloud download icon to reinstall OR tap the app and tap Install
  4. The application should now download and will appear on your home screen.

 How do I install iTunes on my University owned computers?


Open the Windows Software Center and search for "iTunes".
Select iTunes, and click the Install.


iTunes comes preinstalled on university-owned Macintosh computers.

 Can I connect remotely to my office computer from my iOS or Android device?

Yes. Instructions to connect to your office computer using the Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Android and iOS are available on our Remote Desktop webpage.

 How to connect to a department share using iFiles?

If your iFiles app opens with a blank screen tap "Sidebar" located at the top of the screen to display the Dashboard.

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi SharingWi-Fi Sharing allows you to connect to your iFiles data from anywhere you have internet access.  We suggest turning this off as it is a known security risk.  Anyone who knows or find outs the address to your file location can access your data unless authentication is turned on.
    • Tap the Gear icon iFiles Settings iconto open iFiles settings.
    • Tap Sharing and turn Sharing Enabled Off.
    • Tap Done.
  2. Tap the Gear icon iFiles Settings iconto open iFiles Settings.
  3. From the Settings menu tap "Opened Files"
    iFiles Settings - Opened Files
  4. Swipe to turn OFF the Open in Viewer setting.
    iFiles - Open in Viewer Setting OFF
  5. Tap Done.
  6. Tap the + (Add Service icon) in the upper left corner of the Dashboard.
    iFiles + (Add Service icon) in Dashboard
  7. Tab WebDav
  8. Enter the following Information:
    • Server = myfiles.uwsp.edu
    • Port = 443
    • Enter your UWSP username (ex. spointer@uwsp.edu)
    • Enter your UWSP password
    • Initial Path = /<your UWSP username, do not include the @uwsp.edu> (ex. /spointer)
    • Use SSl = On
    • Allow Untrusted Server Certificate = Off iFiles WebDav Settings for UWSP myFiles

    If you are connected to a department network share located on files.uwsp.edu enter the following information:

    • Server = files.uwsp.edu
    • Port = 443
    • Enter your UWSP username (ex. spointer@uwsp.edu)
    • Enter your UWSP password
    • Initial Path = /<path to the deaprtment share, do not include files.uwsp.edu> (ex. /acadadd/it/helpdesk)
    • Use SSl = On
    • Allow Untrusted Server Certificate = Off
      iFiles WebDav Settings - UWSP department share
  9. Tap Save.
  10. From your Sidebar tap the location you would like to connect to.
  11. Tap the main iFiles screen to hide the Sidebar and view your files.

For instructions on how to edit your department share documents from your iPad, see the FAQ How to edit UWSP department share documents.

 How to edit department share files in iFiles?

  1. From iFiles, tap and hold the document you which to edit and select “Open In”
    iFiles - Open In icon
  2. Select the app you wish to edit the file in. Office2 HD will be used for this example. Steps 3-6 will vary for other applications.
    Displays avialable apps for document editing
  3. The document can not be edited. When you are done editing tap the Save icon located in the top-left corner.
    Save icon
  4. Tap the double less than signs icon “<<” located in the top-left corner. Your saved document will appear here. Click the blue arrow icon directly to the right of the file name of the document you are editing.
  5. Tap Open In… and tap Open in iFiles.
    Tap Open In
  6. iFiles will open, navigate to the Home folder and tap and hold the document you wish to edit, tap Move.
    iFiles Move icon
  7. From the menu, tap the Select Service button
    Select Service icon
  8. Navigate to the location of the original file and tap the Select button.
    iFiles Select button
  9. Your edited document has now been saved back to your UWSP network storage location.

 How do I connect my iPad or Android device to my UWSP Email Account?

Click here for Instructions to set up your UWSP email on your iPad.

Click here for Instructions to set up your UWSP email on Android.

​Device Information

 How do I connect my iPad or Android device to the UWSP secured wireless network?

Instructions to connect your device to the UWSP wireless network is available on the Wireless Setup page.

 How to back up your iPad?

UWSP Information Technology staff recommend backing up your device from your office computer on a regular basis. 
When performing the backup for the first time you will be prompted to enter a password for the encrypted backup, please use the word "backup" as your password.  
If your office computer is a PC, and if iTunes is not yet installed on the computer visit the tablet FAQ called "How do I install iTunes on my University owned computers?" If your office computer is a Mac, iTunes should come pre-installed.
Information about iTunes and iOS backups is available in Apple's KB article HT4946. To backup your device follow the instructions posted in Apple's KB article HTI766. Information about when an iTunes backup is recommended is available in Apple's KB articleHT5262.

 Where do I find the name of my device?

To locate the name of your device tap Settings - General - About. Your device name is listed in the field titled Name.

 How to sync and edit content in your OneDrive for Business Cloud Storage

See "How can I edit my OneDrive Cloud files on my smartphone and tablet?" on our Office 365/OneDrive for Business FAQs and More page.

 How to transfer purchases from your iPad to a computer

To transfer purchases from your iPad to your computer visit Apple's KB article HT1848.

 iPad Battery Information

UWSP Information Technology recommends using a power outlet to charge your iPad.  Most USB ports do not supply sufficient power to charge the device.

For information on battery life, and tips to maximize your devices battery lifespan visit http://www.apple.com/batteries/ipad.html.

For information on how to troubleshoot problems with charging your iPad battery visit Apple's KB article HT4060

 For questions on battery replacement contact the Information Technology Purchasing Office.

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Have questions? Please contact the Service Desk.