Installing UWSP Software

Additional software used on UWSP computers can include department-purchased software for a unit or individual use, class-specific software, and even security and software updates.  Factors such as type of licensing, number and location of requested installations determine the installation method.

Installing UWSP Available Software

Where licensing permits, software that is installed upon request for specific classes may additionally be made available to install through the Software Center for Windows PC or Self Service for Macs to other campus computers for use by UWSP students and staff.

 Install from the Software Center (Windows PC)

It is strongly recommended that you close all open programs prior to installing a new application or software upgrade. Some open programs can interfere with the installation process.

Search for and select Software Center from the Windows 10 Search menu.

In the Software Center at the left, 

  • Select Updates to install scheduled updates and patches prior to the automated update process.

  • Select Applications to view and install additional software.

To install an Application:

  1. In Search at the upper-right, search for an application.

  2. Click to select the application. A purple Install button will display if the selected software is available.

  3. Click Install and wait for the installation to complete.

Once the installation has completed, return to your Windows search to locate and run the new application.

 Install from Self Service (Mac)

It is strongly recommended that you close all open programs prior to installing a new application or upgrade. Some open programs can interfere with the installation process.

  1. Click Finder on your Dock to open the Applications window.

  2. At the left select Applications.

  3. In the middle pane, double-click Self Service to view available software.

  4. Click Install on your selected software.
  5. To view and install security and software updates that have been released prior to the automated monthly updates, click the categories labeled Apple Software Updates and Available Software Updates.

Installing computer security and software updates

Scheduled releases of computer software updates can also be manually installed from the Software Center/Self Service at a more convenient time prior to their automatic upgrade dates. Please watch your daily Campus Announcements email for these scheduled updates.

Requesting Software

  • If you are an instructor who would like to request software be made available for the coming semester, please see our Software Request page. This page provides information on how to enter a software installation request, including important guidelines and deadline information.
  • For software purchase requests for department or individual use, please see our Purchasing Campus Software page.

Installing Requested Software

The type of license, number of people needing access to the software, and other factors will determine how the software is made available.

  • If you have been notified by IT that the software you requested is available through the Software Center/Self Service, the software can be installed by you when it is most convenient.  Please see the instructions below to manually install your software.

  • Software for only a single or small group of computers may be installed by an IT technician.

  • If the requested software must be installed on a large number of computers, for example a computer lab or many computers within a department, Information Technology will develop an automated deployment "package" that will automate the installation for all requested computers.

Note: creating a deployment package can take considerable time. It is exceedingly important to adhere to deadlines when requesting software for a specific semester.

Questions? Please contact the Service Desk.

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