Due to the COVID-19 Social Distancing mandate UWSP Computer Labs were reconfigured allowing for a limited number of computers available for in-lab use.  Please follow these Social Distancing Guidelines and Disinfecting Procedures when working in a computer lab.    

Software Deployment Requests for Computer Classrooms and Computer Labs

Software "deployment" means an application that is packaged and automatically installed or is made available to install as needed to a collection of computers such as in a computer classroom, homework lab, or to a select group of computers.

Before submitting a software deployment request ensure that:

  • The software is certified for use with Windows 10, Mac 10.15 (or higher). 

  • The software has already been submitted for security review and has been approved through the process outlined on Information Technology's Purchasing Campus Software page (this includes all license purchases for new software, new versions of previously approved software, freeware, shareware, and cloud software).  

    Information Technology will not deploy software that has not undergone this initial review. 

  • You are able to submit the workorder for the deployment request by the term deadline for requesting deployed software.

Term Deadlines

  • Fall Term Requests: Software requested before June 1 is guaranteed to be available for the start of the following Fall term. Software requested after June 1 may not be available for the start of the following Fall term.

  • Spring Term Requests: Software requested before November 1 is guaranteed to be available for the start of the following Spring term. Software requested after November 1 may not be available for the start of the following Spring term.

  • Summer Term Requests: Software requested before March 1 is guaranteed to be available for the start of the following Summer term. Software requested after March 1 may not be available for the start of the following Summer term.

The Deployment request deadline is important! Deploying software to labs and classrooms is a complicated process that includes license validation, development, testing, packaging, and finally deployment which can take up to 30 or more business days to complete. Submit your requests as early as possible!

Late Software Deployment Requests

Information Technology cannot guarantee a software deployment will be ready for a term after its request deadline has passed.  We do understand that occasional late requests are unavoidable due to factors such as changes in textbooks and teaching loads. 

If you must submit a late software deployment request, you should submit your request as soon as possible letting us know the first date your software is needed. We will do the best that we can to have it ready by the date you plan to use it.

 Instructions for Submitting a Software Deployment Request

If your software has been approved for deployment and is certified for use with Windows 10, Mac 10.15 (or higher), please submit an IT workorder by the Term deadline above to request the software be deployed for your class.

Instructions for creating your workorder:

  1. Log on to the Alemba Self Service Portal

  2. Below Commonly Requested Services at the right select Log an IT Call

  3. For your Best way to contact add your UWSP email address or phone number. 

  4. Under Impact, select Dept./Group/Classroom

  5. Select the Building where the software should be installed and enter the classrooms and labs into Room / Area. If there are additional locations (buildings/rooms) where your software should be installed add this to the Description field. 

  6. Under Type, scroll down the list of options and select Software. From the sub list that appears select Install

  7. Enter a Description (see the following), then click Submit at the bottom of the form.

Include this information in the Description field: 

  • Academic semester the software is needed. 

  • The first date your software will be used.

  • Main contact who will be using the software 

  • List additional instructors usng the software, if any. 

  • List the class(es) that will use the software.

  • Software manufacturer URL / Website 

  • Application Name, Version, and Manufacturer 

  • Is the software for PC, Mac, or both? 

  • Number of licenses purchased through IT Purchasing.  If there are no licensing limits, indicate the software has unlimited licenses.

  • Clear instructions on how IT should acquire the install media. Examples of how IT may receive your media include: 

    • The media is downloaded from a website. In this case, please include a download URL with the request. 

    • The media is being acquired through a purchase. In this case, please indicate the media is being acquired by IT Purchasing. 

    • The media is already on campus. In this case, please indicate you will deliver the media to either the Service Desk or your College Support Team member. 

  • Additional Buildings and rooms where the software should be installed 

If you have questions about software deployment requests, please contact your College Support Team member or the IT Service Desk.

Possible delays to the software deployment process

Please note that there are certain Issues that may impact development and deployment time of your requested software such as:

  • Incomplete information provided in the initial request.

  • Software Purchaser / Licensing Coordinator consultation did not occur and licensing information was not reviewed.

  • Compatibility issues and / or installation issues.

  • Competition for IT workload priorities.

Submitting your requests as early as possible helps to avoid these delays.

Questions about software deployment? Contact your College Support Team, or the IT Service Desk.

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