Multifactor Authentication is required for all Remote Lab and Remote Desktop connections.  

For the most convenient remote access experience, configure your MFA Authenticator app to use Push notifications

Using a verification code requires the use of an intermediary app called Big-IP Edge Client. Click here for instructions on how to use Big-IP to authenticate using verification codes from your MFA fob.

Remote Access to Windows PC or Mac Computer Lab Software

Access UWSP Windows PC or Mac computer lab software from anywhere such as from an office or residence hall room, or even when from off-campus when working from your home.

Information Technology offers the following options for remote access to the UWSP computer lab environment:

Remote Access to Computer Lab Software

Remote access to computer lab software means that you can access UWSP lab software from anywhere on the UWSP campus wireless or wired networks such as from an office or residence hall room, or even when you are off-campus like when you are working from your home.

Information Technology offers the following options for remote access to the UWSP computer lab environment:

The Remote Computer Lab

The Remote Computer Lab for Windows PC and Mac computers is a collection of virtual computers running Microsoft Windows 10 21H2.  The Remote Computer Lab provides 24/7 remote access to computer lab software that is otherwise only available in UWSP's homework labs and computer classrooms.

Important: If you intend to remotely use an application that requires video hardware acceleration like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere, expect performance to be degraded. We recommend using an on-site campus computer when working with these applications.

 The Remote Computer Lab

Windows 10 Remote Lab

The Remote Lab is open to all UWSP students and employees.  Available software that is not pre-installed is available for installation from the Software Center.  

Macs: first download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App Store before following the steps below.

Access the Remote Lab:

  1. Use your favorite web browser and navigate to https://remotelab.uwsp.edu.

  2. Login with your full username ("username@uwsp.edu") and password.

  3. Select UWSP Standard Remote Lab.

  4. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop configuration file and open it. Your options will vary depending on your choice of internet browser. Some browsers may allow you to simply click open while other browsers may force you to save the file to your computer and open it from your Downloads folder.

  5. Opening the Microsoft Remote Desktop file will automatically start your Microsoft Remote Desktop application and log you into a random remote lab virtual computer.

Remote Access to On-Campus iMacs

Remotely access a UWSP computer lab iMac to use special UWSP software while working from your personal PC or Mac computer.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Log into an on-campus iMac

You must do the two following one-time set ups before you can remotely log in to a UWSP lab iMac

Set up UWSP VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your computer.  

This is a one-time set up. You will then connect through your UWSP VPN connection each time you remotely access a lab iMac.

Set up UWSP VPN on your computer.

Download and install "nomachine". 

nomachine is a small application that runs in your computer's background and facilitates the connection between your computer and the remote connection file. 

nomachine has been approved for use by UWSP's Information Security Office.

To download and install nomachine:

  1. Go to https://www.nomachine.com/ and click Download Now to download the app.

  2. The next step is a one-time install that will require a restart.  Make sure to save all other work first.

  3. Open the downloaded nomachine_xxxx.exe file and walk through the installation steps.

  4. When you are prompted, restart your computer.

nomachine is now installed on your computer.

Log into a UWSP lab iMac

  1. Connect to your UWSP VPN (if you have not already set up UWSP VPN on your personal computer, see above).

  2. Open UWSP's Computer Labs list and select a lab that contains iMacs.

    iMacs are available in CAC 301, DUC 201, NFAC 172 and NFAC 190.

  3. NFAC 300 also contains iMacs but is a dedicated department lab with specialty software.  Whenever possible, please leave the iMacs in this lab for students who need special software for their class.

  4. To the right of Homework Labs and Computer Classrooms, click List if not already selected to easily see a list of the lab's iMacs. Tip: Uncheck "In Use" to see only iMacs that are available and not already in use.

  5. To the right of an available computer under the Remote column click Connect to reserve the iMac and make it unavailable for other use.

  6. Click Download. This downloads a small file that the nomachine client you installed above uses to open a remote session to your selected iMac.

  7. Click to open this download file and sign in with your UWSP username and password.

Problems connecting to a UWSP lab iMac?

If you are unable to successfully establish a remote connection to a UWSP lab iMac, make sure that you have completed step 1, "Connect to your UWSP VPN."

Just need an Office 365 application? 

Skip the remote access and download your own copy, or use the web-based version at https://office.uwsp.edu!

Need help?  Contact the Service Desk!

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