​Office 365/OneDrive for Business FAQs and More

​Office 365

 How do I install the Office 365 Desktop apps on my home computer?

Go to our Office 365 and OneDrive for Business page. Look for the section, "Install Office 365 Desktop apps on your home computer."

 Free Office 365 and OneDrive for Business? What do I get?

UWSP licenses Office 365 Desktop apps, Office 365 Online and OneDrive for Business for all faculty/staff and students and at no cost to students and staff.

The Office 365 Desktop apps can be installed on up to five home computers.  Office 365 mobile apps can be installed on up to five phones and/or tablets and connected to the same OneDrive for Business Cloud storage to access and work with files.

Each UWSP faculty, staff and student has access to one Terabyte of file storage in their UWSP OneDrive for Business Cloud.

 Where should I save my files?

Your OneDrive for Business cloud is the recommended file storage location for your work at UWSP.

Files stored in your OneDrive for Business cloud are automatically backed up. Your OneDrive for Business cloud files are available from your Office 365 Desktop apps, and from anywhere you have an internet connection through your UWSP Office 365 Online portal and mobile apps.

Where you should not save your files is your local computer such as your computer desktop or anywhere on your local computer including the Documents folder.  UWSP does not back up local computer storage. This mean that if your computer crashes, you can lose your work.

Other storage locations are available depending on the need.  If you have questions regarding file storage options, please contact your campus​ support team member or the IT Service Desk.

 On what devices can I use Office 365

To see system requirements and what devices and operating systems are compatible with Office 365 Pro Plus see the links to "Office 365 Subscription plans" and "mobile devices" on Microsoft's "System requirements for Office" page.

 How do I install the Microsoft Mobile apps?

Microsoft mobile apps ​can be installed on up to five phones and/or tablets.

Search your App / Play / Microsoft Store for the Microsoft​ Office 365 mobile app.  Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all ​​​part of this mobile app.

The Microsoft Office productivity suite apps (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) have limited utility if they are not linked to your OneDrive cloud storage.  See the following FAQ, "How can I edit my OneDrive cloud files on my smartphone and tablet."

Tip - the best way to find other Microsoft mobile apps is to search for "Microsoft."  Most Microsoft apps, including those common to the Microsoft Office Suite, begin with "Microsoft."

For example:

  • ​Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft OneNote​
  • Microsoft Edge​
  • Microsoft Outlook​

Some exceptions to this app naming convention include Microsoft's:

 How can I edit my OneDrive Cloud files on my smartphone and tablet?

Install and use the Microsoft mobile apps.

To link your first Microsoft app to your OneDrive for Business cloud storage:

  1. Open the app (e.g. Word).

  2. From the Places screen, tap Add a place, then tap OneDrive for Business.

  3. Enter your UWSP email address (e.g. spointer@uwsp.edu) and tap Next.

  4. Tap Work or school account on the next screen.


  5. Sign in with your office.uwsp.edu account.

Link additional Microsoft apps

Once you have linked your first Microsoft app to your UWSP OneDrive for Business cloud additional installed Microsoft apps will automatically connect.

To see this, open the next Microsoft app.

At the bottom of the screen tap Open. This takes you back to the Places screen that you saw when installing the first app. Your OneDrive - UWSP cloud is now automatically available.

 Do I have to install Office 365 Desktop in order to use OneDrive, Office 365 Online, or the mobile apps?

Not at all. Log into your UWSP Office 365 Online portal to access all of the features of the online apps and OneDrive for Business without installing Office 365 Desktop on your computer.

 What's the easiest way to get my UWSP email on my laptop and other personal devices?

The easiest way to get your UWSP email on your laptop or other devices is to access your email through the Outlook Web App (OWA) or Microsoft's mobile apps for Outlook.

 I just made changes to a Word document I opened from my OneDrive but can’t find the Save button.

This means that your document is saved in your OneDrive which automatically saves and syncs saved changes to your UWSP Office 365 Online portal.

 Why have InfoPath and SharePoint Designer disappeared from my computer?

When your computer was updated to Office 365 InfoPath and SharePoint Designer would have been uninstalled.  If you use these tools infrequently you may not have noticed until you needed them.  InfoPath and SharePoint Designer can both be easily installed from the Software Center.

​OneDrive for Business

 I just created a new file. How do I save it to my OneDrive sync client?

If you are saving a file created in an Office 365 Desktop app, go to File > Save As and select OneDrive –UWSP.


If you are saving a file you created with a non-Microsoft application, it's just like saving files to any other folder.  Go to File > Save As and select OneDrive –UWSP from your File Explorer folder list. 

 Can I share my OneDrive files to allow viewing or even editing access?

Yes! The ability to send a link to share one document and invite multiple people to view and even collaboratively edit all at the same time is one of the best features available through OneDrive.

You can share your files and folders a few ways, as long as they are stored in your OneDrive for Business cloudRemember, files saved to your UWSP - OneDrive sync client are saved automatically into your OneDrive for Business cloud storage.

To open the Share settings for a file of folder,

From an open file:

To access Share settings in a file that you have opened from your OneDrive for Business Sync client or your OneDrive cloud, click Share at the upper right of the open file.

From your OneDrive - UWSP sync client:

To access share Settings for a file or folder in your OneDrive - UWSP sync client, right-click the file or folder and select Share.

From your OneDrive for Business cloud storage:

To access share Settings for a file or folder from within your OneDrive for Business cloud storage, mouse over a file or folder and click the Share icon that displays.


  • Mouse over a file or folder and select the circle that appears directly to the left. The OneDrive menu will update to display Share and other tools specific to a selection.

Once you click Share,

a Send Link box opens.

 The default sharing option is to allow editing to only the people you specify by entering their email addresses in the field below.

To see other options for sharing your file or folder, click "Only the people you specify..." to open Link settings.

More about your share settings:

Uncheck Allow editing if you want to give read-only access.  Allow editing is a setting available for each option except People with existing access. The People with existing access setting essentially sends a reminder to people who were previously given access. In this case, the Allow editing setting is governed by the original share settings.

Choosing Anyone will make your shared file or folder available to whoever you send the share link - and to anyone who receives the forwarded link

An important note about sharing with Anyone:  If you must select the option to share with Anyone, consier using the option to set an expiration date and/or set a password to access.

People in UWSP allows anyone with a ".uwsp.edu" email account to access your file or folder if they have the share link.

For more information about Link settings visit Microsoft's documentation, Sharing files and folders.

 How do I remove sharing?

Simply return to your Sharing screen and at the upper-right click the Ellipses and select Manage Access.

 Can I share OneDrive files with my distribution list?

Absolutely. When you share a file, start typing the name of your distribution list into the Share box. Just like when sharing with an individual, select your distribution list from the list of options that display.

For more information about how to share a file, see the above FAQ, "Can I share my OneDrive files to allow viewing or even editing access?".

 Is there an easy way to find files shared with me?

There is. Go to OneDrive in your UWSP Office 365 Online portal.  Click Shared at the left in your OneDrive for Business cloud storage. At the right it will list all of the files that have been shared with you, and who shared them.

 My project team members from last semester can see a lot of my files in their OneDrive! They shouldn't be seeing these!

Did you share a OneDrive folder with your team to work on the project?  Sharing a folder in OneDrive shares any files it contains,even if you saved them to the folder long after your project was completed.

 How do I keep track of files that I've shared?

Go to OneDrive in your UWSP Office 365 Online portal.  Click Shared at the left in your OneDrive for Business cloud storage. From the ribbon at the top of the right pane, select Shared by me. This shows you a list of files and folders that you have shared with others.

To see who you have shared with, select a file or folder at the right. The ribbon at the top of the file list will update and display tools available to the selected file or folder. Select Manage Access on the ribbon.

 How do I delete a file from my OneDrive?

A selection circle appears to the left of a file when you mouse over.  Click this to select one or more files.  At the top of the page the OneDrive banner will update and display Delete and other options for the selected file(s).

 How do I know my data will be kept secure and private in Office 365?

UWSP Information Technology is committed to providing secure technologies that protect your data and privacy. Office 365 meets the highest industry standards for security and data privacy and is certified across many compliance standards including ISO 27001, EU Model Clauses, HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA and others. Office 365 follows best practices in data center design to prevent unauthorized access to our data. We control all access to our Office 365 instance.

Click here for detailed information about email security and file storage security features in Office 365.

 Can I get back to previous file versions in OneDrive?

You can. You can restore a previous copy over the current version. You can also view a version prior to restoring. You can even save that previous version as a different copy, leaving the current copy intact.

To do this, log into your Office 365 portal and open your OneDrive cloud storage.

To the right of the file Click the Show Actions (vertical ellipses) button and select Version history from the menu.

In your Version history click the version date to open the version you would like to view.

If you would like to replace the most current version with the previous, older version click Restore. You can also do a File > Save As, to save a copy of the previous version.

 Can I change the folders I'm syncing? Or disable syncing physical copies of files down to my computer?

You may not need to, depending on which Windows version is installed on your computer. Our OneDrive for Business page has a handy grid which shows you how to easily identify your operating system.

If your computer's operating system is Windows 10 Version 1709 or 1803, your OneDrive sync client has a new feature called "Files on Demand" that allows you to chose whether to sync a local copy to your computer or only create a bookmark to your cloud file until it's accessed.  If you were using your OneDrive for Business cloud storage prior to August 3, 2018 please see our OneDrive for Business page to learn how to modify your settings to maximize the usefulness of "Files on Demand".

If your computer's operating system is Windows 10 Version 1607 or Windows 7, this Microsoft support article will walk you through how to change the folders you are syncing.

 What is "Files on Demand"?? Does OneDrive no longer save copies of files to my sync client?

Available in Windows 10 version 1709 and later, Microsoft's Files on Demand displays all of your OneDrive for Business cloud storage files in your OneDrive - UWSP sync client folder, but only the files you access or set to "Always keep on this device" will download a local copy.

Visit Microsoft's article to learn about OneDrive Files on Demand.

 Can I add an additional account to my OneDrive for Business mobile app?

Yes you can. Open the OneDrive for Business app then tap the person icon at the top left. Tap Add Account and log in with your additional account.

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​Questions?  Contact the Service Desk.