​Remote Desktop - OS X

​Microsoft's Remote Desktop for Macs allows employees with personal Mac computers to remotely log into a UWSP Windows PC.

​Install Microsoft Remote Desktop in OS X

  1. From the Finder's Applications folder, open the App Store.


  3.  Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

  4. Select Microsoft Remote Desktop, click GET, then click INSTALL APP.  Enter your Apple ID and password if prompted.


  6. Wait for the installation to finish.  If Microsoft Remote Desktop already shows as installed, continue with Adding and configuring remote desktop connection.  

Add and Configure a Remote Desktop Connection

  1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop (available from the Finder Applications folder).


  3. Click Add PC to open the Add PC box.


    In the Add PC box,

  5. For PC Name, enter the name of the Windows PC computer to which you want to connect.

    ​If you need help finding the computer name, contact the IT Service Desk or visit the
    General FAQ page for instructions on how to find a UWSP computer name.

  6.  Click the User Account button and select Add User Account.

  7. In the Add a User Account box that opens, 

  8. Enter your username in the format, "spointer@uwsp.edu" and your UWSP password.  Remember, you will need to update your password here when you change your UWSP password.


  10. Click Add.

  11. Back in the Add PC box,

  12. For Friendly Name, enter the name of the PC to which you are connecting.

    For Gateway, click No Gateway and select Add Gateway from the dropdown.

  13. In the Add a Gateway box,

  14. For Gateway Name, enter remotedesktop.uwsp.edu.

  15. For User account, click Use Desktop User account and select the account you created from the list.


  17. Click Add.

  18. Click Add to the Add PC box.


Start a Remote Desktop Connection

If your UWSP computer is asleep or powered off see Wake My Computer for instructions on how to power on your computer.

  1. Double click on your PC Name tile.

  2. Authenticate with MFA​.

  3. Click Show Certificate.


  5. Under Trust for When using this certificate, select Always Trust to prevent displaying this warning again for the specified PC.


  7. Click Continue. You may be asked to re-enter your password at this point.

End Your Remote Desktop Session

Move your mouse to the top of the screen and click the Microsoft Remote Desktop menu.

Select Quit Remote Desktop.


This ends your remote connection and locks your office computer.  To log off prior to disconnection, click the Windows Start button on the remote computer and log off.

      ​Have questions?  Contact the​ Service Desk.​​