​Remote Desktop - Android 

These instructions are for the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.

Note:  University purchased apps such as the Remote Desktop App can be installed from your iPad's Self Service app.

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  1. From the Home screen, tap the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon.
  2. Tap the Gateways button. Add a new gateway by tapping the plus sign in the upper right of the screen.
    • Enter a name for the gateway that you’ll remember (this example uses “UWSP RD Gateway” as the name)
    • Enter remotedesktop.uwsp.edu for the server name.  
    • Leave the Credentials section blank.  
    • Tap the Done button.

  3. Tap the dropdown menu and select Remote Desktops. Add a new remote desktop by tapping the plus sign. Here you will enter in the information for your computer as well as your credentials.
    • For Connection name, enter a name for this connection (i.e. “Steve’s Office Computer”).
    • For PC name, enter the name of the computer you will be connecting to. Visit the Software/Hardware section of the General FAQ page for instructions on how to find a UWSP computer name.
    • For Gateway, select the gateway you created in step 2.
    • In the Credentials section, enter your UWSP username@uwsp.edu and your UWSP password. Leave the Domain\user and Password boxes blank.
    • Tap Done, and the new Remote Desktop should appear in the Remote Desktops screen of the RD Client.

  4. In the Remote Desktops screen, tap the name of the remote desktop you want to connect to (i.e. the machine you created in step 3).

  5. Accept the certificate that pops up. You should now be connecting to your computer.
Is your UWSP computer asleep or powered off? Visit the Wake My Computer website to power on your computer.