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The Economics of Water



Within the recreation section of the economic values studies, you will find research done on fishing, beaches and coasts, plus boating and rafting. You will also find information about the recreationists themselves.
All articles and abstracts are in pdf format


Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms

Intermediate Material

Estimating Recreational Trout Fishing Damages in Montana's Clark Fork River Basin: Summary of a Natural Resource Damage Assessment
    by Edward R. Morey et. al.
Economic valuation of the Chinook Salmon Sport Fishery of the Gulkana River, Alaska, Under Current and Alternate Management Plans 
    by R. Craig Layman, John R. Boyce, and Keith R. Criddle

 Willingness to Pay for Non Angler Recreation at the Lower Snake River Reservoirs 
    by John R. McKean et. al.

Fish Consumption Advisories: Incorporating Angler-Specific Knowledge, Habits, and Catch Rates in a Site Choice Model 
    by Paul M. Jakus, Dimitrios Dadakas, and J. Mark Fly

Recreational Fishing Use-Values for Michigan’s Great Lake Trout and Salmon Fisheries 
    by Frank Lupi and John P. Hoehn

The Welfare Effects of Toxic Contamination in Freshwater Fish 
    by Mark Montgomery and Michael Needelman

Theoretical and Empirical Specifications: Issues in Travel Cost Demand Studies 
    by Mary Jo Kealy and Richard C. Bishop
Selected Aspects of Lake Economics

Advanced Material

A Revealed Preference Approach to the Measurement of Congestion in Travel Cost Models 
    by Christopher Timminsa & Jennifer Murdock

A Dual Approach to Modeling Corner Solutions in Recreation Demand 
    by Daniel J. Phaneuf

An Estimable Dynamic Model of Recreation Behavior with an Application to Great Lakes Angling 
    by Bill Provencher and Richard C. Bishop

Valuing Nature-based Recreation in Public Natural Areas of the Apalachicola River Region, Florida 
    by Ram K. Shrestha, Taylor V. Stein, and Julie Clark
A Structural Equations Approach to Modeling Consumptive Recreation Demand 
    by Jeffrey Englin, David Lambert, and W. Douglass Shaw
Measurement Error in Recreation Demand Models: The Joint Estimation of Participation, Site Choice, and Site Characteristics 
    by Edward R. Morey and Donald M. Waldman
Recreation Demand Models with Taste Differences Over People 
    by Kenneth E. Train


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Beaches & Coasts

Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms
The Value of Lake Erie Beaches 
    by Dr. Brent Sohngen et. al.
Economics of Shoreland Protection

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Boating & Rafting

Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms
Toward a Value for Guided Rafting on Southern Rivers 
    by J.M. Bowker, Donald B.K. English, and Jason A. Donovan
A Boating Choice Model for the Valuation of Lake Access 
    by Christos Siderelis et. al.


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Introductory Material

Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms
Citizen Perceptions and Reactions to Aquatic Invasive Species 
    by Mark Eiswerth1, Tim Kane, Robert Korth, and Julia Solomon

Intermediate Material

Marginal Price of Lake Recreation and Aesthetics: An Hedonic Approach
    by Dr. Brent Sohngen et. al.
Recreational and Aesthetic Value of Water Using Hedonic Price Analysis 
    by Notie H. Lansford Jr. and Lonnie L. Jones
Randomly Drawn Opportunity Sets in a Random Utility Model of Lake Recreation 
    by George R. Parsons and Mary Jo Kealy

Advanced Material

Procedures in Estimating Benefits of Water Quality Change
    by Daniel J. Phaneuf
A utility-consistent, combined discrete choice and count data model assessing recreational use losses due to natural resource damage 
    by Jerry A. Hausman, Gregory K. Leonard, & Daniel McFadden
  • Abstract
  • A utility-consistent, combined discrete choice and count data model assessing recreational use losses due to natural resource damage
Validation of Empirical Measures of Welfare Change: A Comparison of Nonmarket Techniques 
    by Christine Seller, John R. Stoll, and Jean-Paul Chavas
A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Methods for Estimating Indirect Methods of Estimating Environmental Benefits 
    by Michael Hanemann

Web Resources

Wisconsin Tourism's Economic Impact
    by The Wisconsin Department of Tourism
Input–output modeling, outdoor recreation, and the economic impacts of weeds 
    by Mark E. Eiswerth et. al.


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