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The Economics of Water


Beginner’s Guide

If the study of economics and linking it to water is new to you, this section is a great starting point. The studies here are easier to understand and mostly self explanatory, it is the perfect place to hone your economic lingo skills.
All articles and abstracts are in pdf format

Introductory Materials

Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms

The Economic Value of Water: An Introduction 
    by Dave Marcouiller and Scott Coggins
The Value of Water 
    by Michael Hanemann
A Study of the Economic Values of the Surface Waters of New Hampshire: Phase I 
    by Dr. Lisa Shapiro and Heidi Kroll
Estimates of Select Economic Values of New Hampshire Lakes, Rivers, Streams and Ponds: Phase 2 
    by Dr. Lisa Shapiro and Heidi Kroll
Public Opinion Poll Results in the Study of Select Economic Values of NH Lakes, Rivers, Streams and Ponds: Phase 3 
    by Dr. Lisa Shapiro and Heidi Kroll
The Economic Impact of Potential Decline in New Hampshire Water Quality: The Link Between Visitor Perceptions, Usage and Spending 
    by Anne Nordstrom Ph.D.

Intermediate Materials

Water Quality Affects Property Prices:
    A Case Study of Selected Maine Lakes
    by Holly J. Michael, Kevin J. Boyle, and Ropy Bouchard
Measuring the Economic Value of Water Quality 
    by Donald N. Steinnes
Economics Research Supporting Water Resource Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest 
    by Laurie L. Houston, Jeffrey D. Kline, and Ralph J. Alig
The Structure of Motivation for Contingent Values: 
    A Case Study of Lake Water Quality Improvement 
    by Philip Cooper, Gregory L. Poe, and Ian J. Bateman
Land Use Regulation in the Lake George Basin:
    An Ecological Economic Perspective 
    by Peg R. Olsen and John M. Gowdy

Advanced Materials

Contingent Valuation, Net Marginal Benefits, and the Scale of Riparian Ecosystem Restoration 
    by Thomas P. Holmesa et. al.
On the Scarcity Value of Ecosystem Services 
    by Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, James R. Kahn, and Robert V. O’Neill
Measuring the Economic Benefits of Water Quality Improvement with Benefit Transfer: An Introduction for Noneconomists 
    by Christopher Dumas, Peter Schuhmann, and John Whitehead
A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Methods for Estimating Indirect Methods of Estimating Environmental Benefits 
    by Michael Hanemann

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