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The Economics of Water


Fish & Habitat

A vital part of our water resources is linked to the creatures that dwell within. This section is dedicated to making the linkage between economics , fish, their habitat, and wildlife habitat.
Fish         Habitat  
All articles and abstracts are in pdf format


Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms

Intermediate Material

Estimating Recreational Trout Fishing Damages in Montana's Clark Fork River Basin: Summary of a Natural Resource Damage Assessment 
    by Edward R. Morey et. al.
Economic valuation of the Chinook Salmon Sport Fishery of the Gulkana River, Alaska, Under Current and Alternate Management Plans 
    by R. Craig Layman, John R. Boyce, and Keith R. Criddle
Fish Consumption Advisories: Incorporating Angler-Specific Knowledge, Habits, and Catch Rates in a Site Choice Model 
    by Paul M. Jakus, Dimitrios Dadakas, and J. Mark Fly
Recreational Fishing Use-Values for Michigan’s Great Lake Trout and Salmon Fisheries 
    by Frank Lupi and John P. Hoehn
The Welfare Effects of Toxic Contamination in Freshwater Fish 
    by Mark Montgomery and Michael Needelman
Theoretical and Empirical Specifications: Issues in Travel Cost Demand Studies 
    by Mary Jo Kealy and Richard C. Bishop

The Bioeconomics of Resource Rehabilitation: 
   A Commercial-Sport Analysis for a Great Lakes Fishery 
    by Scott R. Milliman et. al.

Advanced Material

A Revealed Preference Approach to the Measurement of Congestion in Travel Cost Models 
    by Christopher Timminsa & Jennifer Murdock
A Dual Approach to Modeling Corner Solutions in Recreation Demand 
    by Daniel J. Phaneuf
An Estimable Dynamic Model of Recreation Behavior with an Application to Great Lakes Angling 
    by Bill Provencher & Richard C. Bishop

A Structural Equations Approach to Modeling Consumptive Recreation Demand 
    by Jeffrey Englin, David Lambert, & W. Douglass Shaw
Measurement Error in Recreation Demand Models: The Joint Estimation of Participation, Site Choice, and Site Characteristics 
    by Edward R. Morey and Donald M. Waldman

Recreation Demand Models with Taste Differences Over People 
    by Kenneth E. Train



Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms

Intermediate Material

Can Recreation Values for a Lake Constitute a Market for Banked Agricultural Water? 
    by Elizabeth Fadali and W. Douglas Shaw
Measuring the Total Economic Value of Restoring Ecosystem Services in an Impaired River Basin: 
    Results from a Contingent Valuation Survey 
    by John Loomis et. al.

Advanced Material

Contingent Valuation, Net Marginal Benefits, and the Scale of Riparian Ecosystem Restoration 
    by Thomas P. Holmesa et. al.
The Effect of Nesting Structure Specification on Welfare Estimation in a Random Utility Model of Recreation Demand:An Application to the Demand for Recreational Fishing 
    by A. Brett Hauber and George R. Parsons

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