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The Economics of Water



Interested in finding out how restoring waters can impact the economic value of that water? Then this would be a good first stop. Studies will include information on restoration efforts and economic decline in areas not restored.
All articles and abstracts are in pdf format

Introductory Materials

Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms
Economics of Shoreland Protection

Intermediate Material

The Structure of Motivation for Contingent Values:  A Case Study of Lake Water Quality Improvement
    by Philip Cooper, Gregory L. Poe, and Ian J. Bateman
Costs and Benefits of Riparian Forest Management:  A Literature Review 
    by Robert W. Paterson and Dr. Kevin J. Boyle
Restoring a Complex of Backwater Lakes, Wetlands, and Prairie on the Illinois River 
    by Gary Sullivan
The Bioeconomics of Resource Rehabilitation: 
   A Commercial-Sport Analysis for a Great Lakes Fishery 
    by Scott R. Milliman et. al.

Advanced Material

Contingent Valuation, Net Marginal Benefits, and the Scale of Riparian Ecosystem Restoration
    by Thomas P. Holmesa et. al.

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