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The Economics of Water


​Wisconsin Lakes

In this section you will find studies that pertain to Wisconsin lakes. Wisconsin lakes may be the whole or partial focus of the research.
All articles and abstracts are in pdf format

Introductory Materials

Economics of Water - Definitions of Terms
The Economics of Watershed Protection
Citizen Perceptions and Reactions to Aquatic Invasive Species 
    by Mark Eiswerth1, Tim Kane, Robert Korth, and Julia Solomon
Water Quality and Lake Property Prices in Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Abstract
  • Water Quality and Lake Property Prices in Southeastern Wisconsin
Economics of Shoreland Protection
Summary of the Assessed Value of Riparian Land and Adjacent Non-Riparian Land for Lakes in Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Intermediate Material

Theoretical and Empirical Specifications: Issues in Travel Cost Demand Studies
    by Mary Jo Kealy and Richard C. Bishop
The Bioeconomics of Resource Rehabilitation:
   A Commercial-Sport Analysis for a Great Lakes Fishery 
    by Scott R. Milliman et. al.

Randomly Drawn Opportunity Sets in a Random Utility Model of Lake Recreation 
    by George R. Parsons and Mary Jo Kealy

Advanced Material

Procedures in Estimating Benefits of Water Quality Change
    by Daniel J. Phaneuf
The Travel Cost Model for Lake Recreation: A Comparison of Two Methods for incorporating Site Quality and Subsititution Effects 
    by Peter P. Caulkins, Richard C. Bishop, and Nicolaas W. Bouwes, Sr.
A Revealed Preference Approach to the Measurement of Congestion in Travel Cost Models 
    by Christopher Timminsa & Jennifer Murdock

Web Resources

Wisconsin Tourism's Economic Impact 
    by The Wisconsin Department of Tourism

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