​Professional and Career Development

UW-Stevens Point Supports Faculty and Staff Growth!

Invest In Yourself! Get support and resources to help you reach your professional and career goals!
  • Professional development: Day to day growth and short-term goals
  • Career development: Long-term career planning and resume, cover letter, and interview guidance

For one-on-one guidance contact Lisa Schaufenbuel at lschaufe@uwsp.edu or ext. 2804.

 Resources to Support Students

The Dean of Students Office (DOS) provides a number of resources for faculty and staff to support students.

Two online trainings for faculty and staff are available to support At-Risk students and Veterans. These courses provide information on how to identify signs of stress and effective listening skills. Visit: https://www.uwsp.edu/dos/Pages/kognito.aspx to take the courses.

The Center for Inclusive Teaching and Learning (CITL) provides instructional development:

  • technology and software support,
  • consultations and instructional design services,
  • test scoring services,
  • and professional development opportunities for campus faculty and staff.

 Free Online Professional Development through UWSP

Every faculty, staff, and student has access to LinkedIn Learning. This online tool provides on-demand training videos for a variety of professional development needs.

If you are interested in developing in leadership use the online Leadership Development Series. Click the photo below to self-enroll in the series and begin or continue your leadership growth journey today!

 Continuing Education

UW-Stevens Point Continuing Education and Outreach provides a variety of programs to support your professional and personal growth:
  • Attend a conference or workshop
  • Build a business
  • Earn a degree, certification, or college credit
  • Enhance professional skills
  • Enrich your life
  • Engage youth

 Focus on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) are integral values at UWSP.

As an initial step, ensure you become familiar with the resources regarding this topic available through UWSP:

Build EDIB activities into your professional and personal life (EDIB is an expectation within performance management).

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) Activity Ideas

 Recommended Readings

8 Behavioral Skills for Increased Job Security

[The] Chronicle of Higher Education is the No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators. As a University employee and while using the University network, you have access to premium articles, blogs, and other resources without creating an account.

Inside Higher Education is the leading source for the latest news, analysis, and services for the entire higher education community. Sign up for a free membership to access resources.

 Focus on Your Strengths

Your career/profession should match your strengths and interests. Use the strengths-based performance management materials to support your career/professional development.

Employee's Guide to Strengths Based Performance Management

Leadership's Guide to Strengths Based Performance Management

 Additional Professional Development Opportunities

UW-Stevens Point offers a variety of opportunities for professional and personal growth. Watch the MOD for the most current opportunities.

Reoccuring opportunities:


Volunteering can also be a great free way to develop skills and abilities. You can volutneer on your own or collaborate/team build within your department. Need community service ideas? Contact Lisa Schaufenbuel at at lschaufe@uwsp.edu or ext. 2804.

 Funding for Professional Development

As of 2020 - Most funding opportunities are on hold for UWSP employee professional development due to budget constraints. However, some opportunities still exist, below is the full list of opportunities. Review each opportunity

Opportunities to have your professional development include:

  • Most courses provided by a UW Continuing Education and/or another UW insitution provide a discount to UWSP employees. Some opportunities may be at no cost, volunteer for professional development!
  • Your department may be able to pay for professional development, speak with your supervisor to learn about the possibilities.
  • You may be able to apply for a grant through the Office of Research Sponsered Programs
  • You may be able to audit a course at UWSP if there is room available. Speak with the department in which the course is taught to learn if audit is possible for a course. If you are 60 or older there are additional benefits/opportunities to audit. To learn more about what audtting a course means and the process to audit a course visit the Registrar's Forms Page and review the applicable auditing related form(s).
  • UWSP has a Tuition Assistance Program, this program has been suspended since 2015 due to budget constraints. There is one exception to the suspension.
  • Not all professional development opportunites have a cost:
    • Have an HR professional review your resume, cover letter, do a mock/practice interview, and more.
    • UW-Stevens Point has a membership with the Portage County Business Council (PCBC). This membership provides all UW-Stevens Point employees opportunities for learning and improving career and personal/hobby skills, networking, business tours, and more! Visit PCBC's Event page to view upcoming events.If you would like to receive news and events communication from PCBC contact the PCBC Marketing Communications Coordinator at  admin@portagecountybiz.com.

 Title Changes & Promotion

Within UW System, career growth is available through a Title Change and Promotion/Progression.

Title Changes

Re-titling of a position occurs when there has been a substantive change in the duties and/or scope of responsibilities. The position has evolved over time, and the changes must be related to, or an extension of, the functions initially assigned to a position.

Contact your HR Business Partner to discuss.


Faculty: Visit the Academic Affairs Personnel Decisions webpage for information on eligibility and process.

Instructional Staff: Visit the Academic Affairs Academic Staff Personnel Decisions webpage for information on eligibility and process.

Non-instructional Staff: Please note updates to the professional/career development program are being planned to align with the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project. The goal of the formal professional development framework is to ensure all non-instructional staff have the opportunity for progression and promotion. For more initial details see the promotion and progression slides from the TTC Project and the Progression and Promotion video. Watch for further communication from HR as well as the UWSP Executive Leadership.

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