​​Faculty Retention, Tenure and Promotion Policies

Faculty Personnel Decision Information – Criteria for Evaluation

University policy regarding faculty personnel decision information can be found in the university handbook (Ch. 4B, Sect. 3). The general criteria for all decisions, including teaching, scholarship and service are outlined in this section.
The Teaching, Scholarship and Service document* that is distributed on a yearly basis provides the institution’s interpretation of the general guidelines in the University Handbook.
More specific discipline-based criteria for evaluation should be outlined in that department/unit’s personnel rules. Contact the chair for a specific department’s criteria for evaluation.

*The Teaching, Scholarship and Service document is currently under review and will be republished once updated.

Schedule of Personnel Decisions for Faculty and Probationary Academic Staff

The retention notification dates for all personnel decisions can be found on the Academic Affairs Calendar found here.

Materials for Retention, Tenure and Promotion Files

The materials required by departments for retention, tenure and promotion decisions vary depending on the discipline. Consult department policies and the chair of the department for information specific to that dicipline. The office of Academic Affairs requires a limited set of information for review by the Vice Chancellor which can be viewed by clicking here,


Each faculty member in a department generates 14 merit points. Ten of these 14 points are distributed to the department to be allocated according to departmental procedures. The remaining 4 points are distributed among the department chairperson (1 point), the dean of the college (2 points), and the vice chancellor (1 point) to be allocated according to the appropriate procedures for each. In order to receive the full pay plan increase, a faculty member must earn 14 total merit points.
Procedural guidelines for merit distribution can be found in the University Handbook, Chapter 4B, Section 3, under Evaluation of Faculty by Students and Peers​.

Merit Point Assignments & Scholarship and Service Activities Report

(May be across-the-board distribution depending on % of increase)
February -- Departmental and chair point assignments due to Deans.
February -- Dean’s assignments due in Vice Chancellor’s office.
NOTE: The Scholarship and Service Activities forms AND Outside Activity Report form will be distributed. The completion deadline is March 1.​
Resources Related to Retention, Tenure and Promotion