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Learning in biology is not confined to coursework. One of the hallmarks of the UW-Stevens Point Department of Biology is our commitment to faculty-mentored undergraduate research. A high percentage of our students participate in laboratory and field research projects with Biology faculty mentors. Many students also spend the summer conducting research at UW-Stevens Point and at a variety of cooperating institutions.
Students interested in gaining research experience at UW-Stevens Point should talk to their advisor or contact one of the researchers listed below.

Faculty and Staff Research Interests Overview

Behavioral Neuroscience of Animals
Plant Evolutionary Ecology; Life History Theory; History and Philosophy of Science
Fermentation Microbiology; Plant Pathogens
Algal and Plant Physiological and Community Ecology; Ultrastructural Phylogeny of the Algae
Female Reproduction, Ovarian Folliculogenesis, Reproductive Toxicology and the Impact of Hormones on Memory and Behavior
Neurophysiology; Molecular & Behavioral Neurobiology; Brain Function Following Alcohol Exposure
Human Genetic Disorders; Genetics of Tick-borne Pathogens
Metastasis; Tumor Virology; Teaching-As-Research
Diversity and Phylogeny of Freshwater Mollusks
Fish Ecology; Aquaculture; Aquatic Community Interactions
Applied Insect Ecology; Plant-Insect Interactions; Insect Management
Ann Impullitti
Plant Physiology; Plant-Fungal Interactions
Laura Lee
Science of Teaching and Learning (SoTL); Plant Biology
Orchid systematics, evolution & ecology; Wisconsin floristics; Collections-based research
Parasite Ecology and Evolution; Disease Ecology; Community Ecology; Aquatic Biology; Physiological Ecology 
Biofuel Production from Genetically-Engineered Microbes; Active Learning in Biology Education
Fish Pathogens and Disease; Bacterial Pathogenesis; Bacterial Protein Secretion Systems; Host-pathogen Interactions; Microbial Communities in Aquaculture and Aquaponic Systems
Avian Ecology
SEM of Fern Sperm Motility; Using SEM in Diatom Surveys; Using TEM to Visualize Viral Structure; Using SEM to Follow Embryonic Development; Microscopic Techniques
Species Boundaries in Fishes; Phylogeography; Phenology; Curation of Fluid Vertebrate Collections
Paleoecology; Plankton Ecology; Limnology; Climate Change; Biology Education
Michael Steury
Immunology; Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Ecological,Physiological and Pathological Xylem Anatomy; Host Plant-Pathogen Interactions; Plant Ecophysiology and Plant Photomorphogenesis
Applied Insect Ecology; Organic Agriculture

Effects of Climate Change on Ectotherms; Animal Physiological Ecology; Ecomorphology ​
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