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Kristine Prahl, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Office: Wausau Campus 285-B
Email:kprahl@uwsp.eduPrahl Kristine_jpg.jpg


Ph.D., Biochemistry – University of Wisconsin-Madison (1998)
B.S., Biology major and Chemistry minor  - Concordia University (1991)


Biol 101  General Biology
Biol 186  Biology of Women
Biol 210  Principles of Genetics 
Biol 233  Microbiology for Health Sciences
Biol 285  Anatomy and Physiology Principles
Biol 286  Anatomy and Physiology Connections 

Research Areas
My research interests include active learning in undergraduate biology courses.  I am also evaluating genetically-engineered yeast for increased biofuel production. 


University of Wisconsin Colleges Arthur M. Kaplan Award, 2011. 


Dahn (Prahl) K., B. Davis, P. Pittman, W. Kenealy, T. Jeffries (1996) Increased Xylose Reductase Activity in the Xylose-fermenting Yeast Pichia stipitis by Overexpression of XYL1.  Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 57/58:267-276.

Nian-Qing, S., K. Prahl, J. Hendrick, J. Cruz, Ping Lu, J. Cho, S. Jones, T. Jeffries (2000) Characterization and Complementation of a Pichia stipitis Mutant Unable to Grow on D-Xylose or L-Arabinose.  Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 84-86:201-16. 

K. Prahl, "Best Practices for the Think-Pair-Share Active Learning Technique", American Biology Teacher. Jan 2017, Vol. 79 Issue 1, p3-8. 

Professional Affiliation:

Member, National Associate of Biology Teachers (NABT)

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