Sarah A. Orlofske, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

Office: TNR 446
Phone: (715) 346-4249


Ph.D., Ecology and Evolution – University of Colorado – Boulder (2013)
B.S.,  Biology and Wildlife Ecology - UW Stevens Point (2006)


Biology 160 – Introduction to Animal Biology
Biology 270 – Ecology and Evolution
Biology 306 - Ecological Methods
Biology 362 – Animal Parasitology


2017 Education Scholar, Ecological Society of America
2014 Ashton Cuckler New Investigator Award, American Society of Parasitologists
2012 Academic Excellence Award for Young Women in Ecology, Ecological Society of America

Select Publications

2018 Orlofske, S.A., Flaxman, S.M., Joseph, M.B., Melbourne, B.A., Fenton, A., Johnson, P.T.J. 2018. Experimental investigation of alternative transmission functions: quantitative evidence for the importance of non-linear transmission dynamics in host-parasite systems. Journal of Animal Ecology 87:703-715.
2017 Orlofske, S.A., Belden, L.K., Hopkins, W.A. 2017. Effects of Echinostoma trivolvis metacercariae infection during development and metamorphosis of the wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A. 203: 40-48.
2016 Hua, J., Buss, N., Kim, J., Orlofske, S.A., Hoverman, J.T. 2016. Population-specific toxicity of six insecticides to the trematode Echinoparyphium sp. Parasitology 143:542–550.
20​15Orlofske, S.A., Jadin, R.C. Johnson, P.T.J. 2015. It's a predator-eat-parasite world: how characteristics of predator, parasite and environment affect consumption. Oecologia 178:537–547.
2014Mihaljevic, J.R., Joseph, M.B., Orlofske, S.A., Paull, S.H. 2014. The scaling of host density with richness affects the direction, shape, and detectability of diversity-disease relationships. PLoS ONE 9(5):e97812. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0097812.
2014 Orlofske, S.A., Jadin, R.C., Hoverman, J.T., Johnson, P.T.J. 2014. Predation and disease: understanding the effects of predators at several trophic levels on pathogen transmission. Freshwater Biology 59:1064–1075.



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