Robert Rosenfield, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Office: TNR 474
Phone: (715) 346-4255
Fax: (715) 346-3624


Ph.D., Zoology - North Dakota State University (1990)
M.S., Natural Resources - UW Stevens Point (1983)
B.S., Wildlife Biology - UW Stevens Point (1979)


Biology 305 - General Ecology

Biology 306 - Ecological Methods

Biology 377/577 - Ornithology

Biology 498/698 - Special Topics in Biology (Raptor Ecology)



Discovery Channel TV, Vancouver, Canada. Two different episodes on our comparative ecology of North American Cooper’s Hawk populations.
1998 University Scholar Award, UWSP.
1996 Distinguished Achievement Award, College of Letters and Science, UWSP.
1996-98 Scholarship Award, Department of Biology, UWSP.
1995 Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service and Knowledge in the Field of Biology, Theta Xi Fraternity, UWSP.
1994 Excellence in Teaching Award, UWSP.
1994 Excellence in Teaching Award, Department of Biology, UWSP.
1991 The "Coop" makes a big comeback; article on my Cooper's Hawk work in National Geographic magazine, October, 1991.
1983 Outstanding Graduate Student, College of Natural Resources, UWSP.



Select Grants

2008 Survey of breeding Peregrine Falcons in West Greenland. Grant equivalent for undergraduate student participation in a longterm coolaborative study between RNR and Dr. Kurt Burnham, World Center for Birds of Prey, Boise, ID.
2008 Blood parasites in a colonizing, urban Cooper’s Hawk population: citizen-based participatory research. University Personnel Development Committee, UWSP.
2006 Prevalence of Trichomonas gallinae in migrating Northern Goshawks at the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, Duluth, MN. $956.00 CLS Faculty and Program Development Grant.
2006 Breeding biology of Cooper’s Hawks in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Donation from Ms. Betsy Batstone-Cunningham.
2005 Trichomoniasis in nesting Cooper’s Hawks in western Minnesota
2005 Breeding biology of Cooper’s Hawks in Wisconsin. Great Lakes Falconers Association.



Select Publications

2010 Comparative morphology among northern populations of breeding Cooper’s Hawks. (With L.J. Rosenfield, J. Bielefeldt, R.K. Murphy, A.C. Stewart, W.E. Stout, T.G. Driscoll, and M.A. Bozek). Condor 112. In press.
2009 Nest-box occupancy and reproductive performance of Kestrels in central Wisconsin. (With Eschenbauch, J., and E.A. Jacobs). Journal of Raptor Research 43:365-369.
2009 Survival rates and lifetime reproduction in breeding male Cooper’s Hawks in Wisconsin, 1980- 2005. (With J. Bielefeldt, L.J. Rosenfield, T.L. Booms, and M.A. Bozek.) Wilson Journal of Ornithology 121:610-617.
2009 Low prevalence of Trichomonas gallinae in urban and migratory Cooper’s Hawks in north central North America. (With S.J. Taft, W.E. Stout, T. G. Driscoll, D.L. Evans, and M.A. Boze). Wilson Journal of Ornithology 121: 641-644..
2007 Genetic analysis confirms first record of polygyny in Cooper’s Hawks. (With Rosenfield, R.N., T.G. Driscoll, R.P. Franckowiak, L.J. Rosenfield, B.L. Sloss, and M.A. Bozek). Journal Raptor Research 41:230-234.
2007 Reducing research and management disturbance at nests. (With J.W. Grier, and R.F. Fyfe). Pages 349-362 in D.M. Bird and K.L. Bildstein, Eds. Raptor research and management techniques. Hancock House Blaine, WA.


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