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EXPLORE life • INSPIRE curiosity • DISCOVER your purpose...  

...with a biology major at UW-Stevens Point

The Department of Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point immerses students in the study of living things including how life develops, functions and changes. Our students and faculty put a high priority on collaborating in research and discovery to establish a deeper understanding of life and its natural processes.

Students choose us because our flexible program helps them shape their studies around their interests and aspirations. Join us and learn how you can build a biological sciences career in fields such as education, private industry, government programs and medicine.

UW-Stevens Point biology students take classes and conduct research in the university's new Chemistry Biology Building, a state-of-the-art, $75 million facility.

Areas of study

Your biology courses at UW-Stevens Point begin with studies in plant and animal biology, genetics and ecology. You then select a course in animal, human, plant or cell physiology, and you’re encouraged to follow your interests in electives. Courses in chemistry and math will complete your basic requirements.

After your basic courses, you will work with an adviser to personalize your core curricular classes, collateral courses and electives to best fit your goals. Common areas of emphasis within the biology major include aquatic biology, biobusiness, biotechnology, botany, ecology/environmental, education, graduate work/research, horticulture, microbiology, natural history, pharmaceutical and biomedical sales, zoos and aquaria, and zoology.

Need help navigating your way through UWSP and a biology major? Get major-specific advice on extra-curriculuars, networking opportunities, academics and career development through the Biology Major Map.  Use this map as a resource to navigate the Biology major!

In conjunction with the UW-Stevens Point Department of Chemistry, the Biology Department also offers a biochemistry major for students interested in cellular or molecular biology or planning on medical or veterinary school. In conjunction with the UW-Stevens Point School of Education​, the Biology Department also offers a Natural Science major for students interested in teaching sciences for grades 4-12.

Biology faculty

Our 25 faculty teach more than 500 biology students. Student-professor interaction is a high priority at UW-Stevens Point, with a low student-to-teacher ratio. Most of our classes and labs are taught by a Ph.D.-trained instructor with expertise in the field, and we offer many opportunities for undergraduate research. UW-Stevens Point biology students excel in organismal biology and are encouraged to participate in field courses and internships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a collaborative place where all students, the scientific community, and the public work together to build and promote scientific literacy, explore the diversity and unity of life, and think critically to solve biological problems, advance science, and improve society.

Our Mission

  • INSPIRE scientific curiosity through the exploration of life, from biomolecules to ecosystems, and to assist students in discovering their purpose.
  • FOSTER scientific literacy, intellectual growth, and environmental stewardship by immersing our students in the scientific process and thought-provoking discourse.
  • EMPOWER our students from every background with the best possible preparation for careers in the life sciences by mentoring and engaging them in authentic, real-world scientific experiences.
  • ADVANCE, apply, and share biological knowledge with the scientific community and society. 

Post-graduate opportunities

After graduation, our students commonly find biology careers as wildlife biologists, nursing assistants, environmental technicians and more. Some also seek advanced educations in graduate school, medical school or veterinary medicine.