Biochemistry combines the knowledge of biology and chemistry to explain life processes in terms of molecular structure and chemical reactions within living cells. This interdisciplinary major has a chemistry-based curriculum, coupled with a significant biology component. The role of a biochemist is to look for understanding of organismal diversity in the principles and concepts of chemistry and physics, as well as in the structure, mechanisms and chemical processes that are common to all organisms.

Explore Career Opportunities in Biochemistry

The biochemistry major will prepare students for admission into dental, medical, pharmacy and veterinary schools. It will also prepare students for admission to graduate biochemistry programs, and jobs in bioscience-related industries, in government laboratories, and in the state's research hospitals. Our research shows there are many unfilled bioscience-related positions in Wisconsin, particularly in the Madison and Milwaukee areas.

Get Involved on Campus

Students are strongly encouraged to get involved in a research project with a faculty mentor. Research allows students to apply knowledge they learn in courses towards making new discoveries as they work closely with their faculty mentor to design experiments that advance their project. Students often present their results at on-campus and/or off-campus research meetings and sometimes become co-authors on journal articles. For some students, their UW-Stevens Point research experience is a life-changing experience and they elect to pursue research as a career. The biology and chemistry faculties have a variety of research interests and  students have many interesting projects to choose from.

Gain Experience Outside the Classroom

The department supports the local chapter of the American Chemical Society-Student Affiliate. This is a student-run organization that helps promote interest in chemistry and chemical education specifically and science in general.   Biology student organizations include the Herpetology Society, the campus chapter of the Tri-Beta Lambda Omicron National Biological Honor Society, Pre-Med and Allied Health Club, and Animal and Pre-Vet Club.

Meet your Biochemistry Professors

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Departments of Biology and Chemistry pride themselves on the strength and commitment of their faculty-to-undergraduate education. All courses required for a biochemistry degree are taught by Ph.D.-trained scientists who are effective instructors and mentors. We offer a challenging and modern course of study in a supportive learning environment. Meet your chemistry and biology professors!

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