​Faculty and Staff

Associate Professor
Research: Behavioral Neuroscience of Animals
Office: TNR 439, Research Lab: TNR 452, 452A
Associate Professor, Department Chair  
Research: Plant Evolutionary Ecology, Life History Theory; History and Philosophy of Science
Office: CBB 302A, Research Lab: TNR 469
Research: Ovarian Folliculogenesis and Mammalian Reproduction
Office: CBB 308, Research Lab: CBB 370
Associate Professor
Research: Neurophysiology, Molecular & Behavioral Neurobiology, Brain Function following Alcohol Exposure
Office: CBB 311, Research Lab: CBB 370
Assistant Professor
Research: Metastasis, Tumor Virology, Teaching-As-Research
CBB 313
Associate Professor
Research: Diversity & Phylogeny of Freshwater Mollusks
TNR 435
Research: Fish Ecology, Aquaculture, Aquaponics
Office: TNR 442, Research Lab: D023 Science
Associate Professor
Research: Applied Insect Ecology, Plant-Insect Interactions, Insect Management
TNR 463/CBB 216
Ann Impullitti
Ann Impullitti
Assistant Professor
Research: Plant Physiology and Plant-Fungal Interactions
CBB 342, Research Lab 360
Animal Research Technician
CBB 304/TNR 222
Laura Lee
Laura Lee
Associate Professor
Research: Science of Teaching & Learning (SoTL), Ecology
217B Leopold UWSP@M
Assistant Professor
Research: Orchid systematics, evolution & ecology; Wisconsin floristics; Collections-based research
Office: CBB 212, Research Lab: CBB 270
John Oestreich
John Oestreich
​TNR Building Manager
TNR 196
Assistant Professor
Research: Parasite Ecology & Evolution, Disease ecology, Community Ecology, Aquatic Biology, Physiological Ecology
Office: TNR 446, Research Lab TNR 451/453
Associate Professor
Research: Biofuel Production from Genetically-Engineered Microbes, Active Learning in Biology Education
Associate Professor
Research: Bacterial secretion systems, bacterial diseases of fish, microbial communities in aquaculture & aquaponics
CBB 345
Research: Avian Ecology
TNR 474
Research: Species Boundaries in Fishes, Phylogeography, Phenology, Curation of Fluid Vertebrate Collections
TNR 437
Associate Professor
Research: Lake Ecology, Diatoms, Climate Change & Nutrient Loading in Lakes, Science Education
Office: CBB 347, Research Lab: CBB 260
Michael Steury
Michael Steury
Assistant Professor
Research: Immunology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
CBB 315
Research: Ecological, Physiological and Pathological Xylem Anatomy; Host Plant-Pathogen Interactions; Plant Ecophysiology and Plant Photomorphogenesis
Office: CBB 348, Research Lab: CBB 260
CBB Building Manager
Research: Conservation genetics
CBB 125B
Research: Applied Insect Ecology, Organic Agriculture
University Services Associate
CBB 302
Associate Professor
Research: Effects of Climate Change on Ectotherms, Animal Physiological Ecology, Ecomorphology
TNR 444

Emeritus and Retired Professors

Robert Bell
Title: Professor Emeritus
Email: rbell@uwsp.edu 
CBB 349
Research: Algal and Plant Physiological and Community Ecology, Ultrastructural Phylogeny of the Algae

Terese Barta
Title: Associate Professor, Retired
Research: Fermentation Microbiology, Plant Pathogens

Diane Caporale
Title: Professor, Retired
Research: Human Genetic Disorders, Genetics of Tick-borne Pathogens

Robert Freckmann
Title: Professor Emeritus
Vascular Plant Herbarium
Research: Plant Taxonomy

Virginia Freire
Title: Professor Emeritus
Research: Central American Liverworts, Hawaiian Bryophytes, Midwestern Bryophytes, Ethnobotany

Title: Professor Emeritus
Research: Midwestern US Flora, especially Great Lakes islands, Neotropic Bamboos, Hawaiian Bryophytes

Sol Sepsenwol
Title: Professor Emeritus