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Academic departments in the College of Letters and Science.
College of Letters and Science centers and affiliations including a museum of natural history and the Center for Athletic Scheduling.
Majors administered by the College of Letters and Science.


Associate Professor of Social Work
Prof. Bowers teaches a variety of social work classes, and coordinates the social work field education program.

College of Letters and Science

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Letters and Science is home to academic disciplines ranging from biology to world languages. Through its breadth of expertise and identity as home to the liberal arts disciplines, the college plays a unique role in advancing the liberal arts education of all UW-Stevens Point students. Integrating its work in close partnership with other colleges across the university, the College of Letters and Science is committed to delivering the highest quality undergraduate education.

The College of Letters and Science strives to serve the region, the state and the world through:

  • academic excellence that fosters students’ career preparation, professional expertise, civic responsibility, personal development and global adaptability
  • research and learning that generate new knowledge and new insights, which through their application, promote economic development, community well-being, personal fulfillment and lifelong learning
  • dedication to the public good through leadership and service grounded in the foundational ideals of liberal education, robust academic majors, a vibrant general education program and an overarching embrace of academic and personal integrity
  • adherence to the Principles of Excellence established for Liberal Education and America’s Promise by the Association of American Colleges and Universities

Mission: The College of Letters and Science is dedicated to providing students high-impact learning experiences across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences that create thinkers, collaborators, leaders, and innovators. The college nurtures intellectual growth, personal well-being, sustainable development, and lifelong learning.

Vision: The College of Letters and Science cultivates an inclusive community empowered to thrive in a dynamic and diverse world.

Schools and Academic Departments

The College of Letters and Science consists of four schools comprised of 13 academic departments:

This school structure, implemented in July 2020, brings together disciplines and departments with shared research interests and teaching approaches, as well as common perspectives on career pathways for students. Read more about the new UW-Stevens Point school structure.