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The approximate percentage share of political science graduates who enroll in law school.
The number of scholarships available exclusively for political science students.


Assistant Professor
Professor Saemyi Park received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She teaches American politics and minority politcs courses among other classes.

Become a critical thinker and engaged global citizen: study political science at UW-Stevens Point

Find small classes taught by dedicated faculty who give you individual attention. Earn an internship in local, state or national government, or even the British Parliament. Become involved with other students in campus and community politics. Receive an education preparing you for advanced studies in politics, public administration or the law. If these sound like excellent opportunities, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of Political Science might be the place for you.

Political science major

The political science major allows students to study the government and politics of the United States and other countries, their foreign affairs and foreign policies, and international relations. Students also have opportunities to explore other areas of interest in social sciences and humanities. Students take courses covering social scientific, theoretical and philosophical approaches to politics.

Public administration minor

The public administration and policy analysis minor offers students the chance to combine the study of practical techniques of administration and policy analysis with a sophisticated and in-depth study of the political environment in which that administration and analysis take place.

International relations certificate

The certificate in international relations provides students with working knowledge of the international governance system including international security, international political economy, international organizations and law, and foreign policy.

Political science faculty

Five full-time faculty members, all with Ph.D's from leading universities, teach  introductory courses in American politics, comparative politics, political theory, and international relations. Faculty also teach a wide range of upper-level seminars on subjects such as American constitutional law, environmental politics and policy, European politics, Latin American politics, U.S. foreign policy, minority group politics, international security, public policy analysis, and terrorism and homeland security.

Post-graduate opportunities

Many political science graduates attend graduate school in areas such as public administration, public policy, human resource management, political science, law, and international relations. Others enter the workforce as police officers, probation officers, financial planners, insurance actuaries and policy analysts, teachers, and entrepreneurs and independent business owners. Graduates also hold elected office. Our majors perform well on the National Survey of Student Engagement, which measures the research and critical thinking skills of graduating seniors.