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Professor Gregori's research interests are centered on 20th-century Spanish literature; modernist and avant-garde prose, as well as contemporary poetry.

Expand your global opportunities through World Languages and Literatures at UW-Stevens Point

Learn to conduct business overseas. Teach English to non-native speakers. Educate high school students in world languages. Translate or interpret for a living. Enjoy a broader view of the world. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of World Languages and Literatures can help you begin or continue studies in Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, including their literatures and cultures. We can open the world to your education and career. Let us show you how.

Faculty, facilities and programs

Our department consists of 9 faculty and staff members — two in French, two in German, three in Spanish, one in Chinese and one in English as a Second Language. In cooperation with the Office of International Programs, we offer semester long language immersion programs in Caen, France; Marburg, Germany; and Valladolid, Spain. Students of Spanish may also choose the summer program in Oaxaca, Mexico.

World Languages and Literatures offers majors and minors in German and Spanish, German Education and Spanish Education as well as minors in English as a Second Language and English as a Second Language Teaching

Post-graduate opportunities

Students with high proficiencies in languages, experience studying abroad and expertise in a second field have promising employment opportunities. Some recent graduates have worked for European companies with North American branches, with airlines, and as bilingual customer service representatives and international account auditors. 

Students with teacher certification in foreign languages are expected to enjoy excellent placement rates during the next 10 years as language teachers, especially in Spanish are in high demand. The job-placement rate in in Spanish-language teaching and English as a second language has been close to 100 percent both in and outside of Wisconsin.