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The approximate percent of UW-Stevens Point chemistry and biochemistry graduates who pursue advanced degrees


Associate Professor of Chemistry
Amanda Jonsson earned her undergraduate degree at Loyola University Chicago and a PhD from the University of Washington. As a faculty member at UWSP since 2013, she has taught General Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biophysical Chemistry courses.

Modern courses, supportive faculty: earn a Chemistry degree from UW-Stevens Point

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point offers challenging and modern coursework in a supportive learning environment. Chemistry appeals to us because it touches on each branch of the physical sciences including biology, earth science and environmental science. If you love science, our university will feel like home to you.

UW-Stevens Point chemistry students take classes and conduct research in the university's Chemistry Biology Building​a state-of-the-art, $75 million facility.

Chemistry options

Students can earn a chemistry degree or an ACS-certified chemistry degree​.  ​Other options include a chemistry major for teacher certification and a biochemistry major​, managed with the UW-Stevens Point Department of Biology.

Student experience

Class sizes are small, particularly for upper-level courses. Each chemistry major is assigned an academic adviser who is a chemistry faculty member. Many students elect to participate in the ACS Student Chemistry Club. This group has regular meetings, performs outreach activities and organizes social events, uniting students and faculty.

Post-graduate opportunities

The success of our students is a tribute to the effectiveness of our program. About 35 percent of our graduates go on to earn advanced degrees. Our other students secure jobs in government labs, the private sector and schools.