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Lakeshore habitat restoration training for professionals

principles and practices of lake-friendly landscaping, low impact development, water quality conservation and erosion control of low energy sites on inland Wisconsin lakes

Tuesday, August 23rd and Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 at UW-Madison Arboretum

​Tuesday, Sept. 6th and Wednesday, Sept. 7th, 2016 at UW-Stevens Point Treehaven


19.0 Erosion control basics & examples, practices listing review, NR328 tool

- Stacy Dehne, conservation engineer, Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection

STACY DEHNE, DATCP - PowerPoints (Same for Moon Beach session and the Green Lake session) - "Erosion control 101: causes, factors, identification, and examples review - part 1"

DREW ZELLE, DATCP - PowerPoints (from 2015 Siren session)

"Understanding, living with, and controlling 
shoreline erosion: a guide for shoreline property owners

By: Tipp of the Mitt Watershed Council, Michigan
"Shoreline erosion assessment worksheet" By: Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership
​"Erosion intensity (ei) score worksheet" By: Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership
​"Powerpoint overview" By: Carolyn Scholl and Stacy Dehne
​"Controlling runoff and erosion from your waterfront property: a guide for landowners" By: Bayfield County Land and Water Conservation Department et al.​
"Natural shorelines for inland lakes: a simple
solution for lakefront property owners
​By: Michigan Department of Environmental
Quality / Michigan Sea Grant
​"Standing firm against erosion: best management
practices for shoreland stabilization
" - overview video
​By: University of Minnesota-Extension /
"Lakeshore and streambank erosion control" By: Tipp of the Mitt Watershed Council
"How can I stablize my shoreline to prevent erosion?" By: University of Minnesota-Extension
​"Stormy day survey" By: Maine DEP
​"Understanding shoreland bmp's: shoreland best management practices 1-18​"
By: University of Minnesota-Extension
​"Structural, non-structural, and hybrid options for shoreline protection​" powerpoint By: Dr. Mary Blickenderfer​, University of Minnesota-Extension
Natural Resources Conservation Service - Wisconsin web site
Chapter 16 Streambank and shoreline protection,
Engineering Field Handbook, ​USDA NRCS
Engineering Field Handbook Section 1V​ - WI Supplement
Landowner guide to constructing conservation practices
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Lake shore erosion decision matrix web page​
Wisconsin Construction Practices WCS #1 Clearing
WCS #2 Excavation
WCS #3 Earthfill
WCS #5 Site pollution control
WCS #7 Mobilization and demobilization
WCS #9 Rock riprap
WCS #13 Geotextiles
WCS #20 Soil bioengineering
WCS #21 Structural measures for streambanks and shorelines
WCS #22 Biodegradable or temporary breakwaters
​​Lakeshore riprap design computations
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