General Email FAQ

Visit Microsoft's Get delivery and read receipt confirmation page for information on how to track messages you send in Outlook.

You may not be able to send messages for a variety of reasons:

  • As a student you may have violated the email policy and restrictions on your account may prohibit you from sending messages for a period of time (you would have received a specific email message detailing the violation and the length of restriction [which is normally one week]).
  • You may be trying to send a message over the 25M limit set for the email system. (You should receive a specific error message related to this.)
  • You may be trying to send a message to a restricted list from an account not authorized to send to the list. (Contact the UWSP Postmaster by click here to create a new message, and including the exact error message you received.)
  • Most likely, you are over your mailbox size limit. If so, click here for information to help reduce the size of your mailbox.

If none of the above apply, please contact the Help Desk.

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