Distribution List Information

Distribution lists offer the convenience of using one email address to email all list members.

Individuals who have permissions to manage a distribution list are called list "Owners".  List "Owners" should be considered your first resource if you need to be added to the list.

If you are a distribution list owner, you can manage the membership of your distribution list(s) through the Group Membership Manager system.

Manually updated Distribution Lists

Distribution lists such as committee group communication lists are manually updated. 

For information on how to identify the distribution list owner(s) of a manually updated list, see the FAQ, "How do I find a mailbox owner?" on our Email FAQs page.

Automatically created Distribution Lists

Information Technology automatically generates and maintains many distribution lists based on student information in Campus Solutions and staff information in the Department Information Management System (DIMS). 

For information about an automatically generated distribution list, such as who (if anyone) can view list membership, who has access to send to the list, and who to contact to request authorization to email the list, please visit the links below.

Have additional questions about distribution lists?  Please contact the Service Desk.