Student Organization Distribution Lists

Student organization distribution lists allow organization members an easy way to communicate with each other as a complete group (e.g. Chess Club List). Emailing the Advisor-Officer list is also an effective means for non-member UWSP students and staff to contact the organization.

Please note that 'student organization' means a recognized student organization according to the standards set by Campus Activities and Student Engagement (CASE).

Benefits of a Student Organization Distribution List

  • Professional: Your organization's name displays to recipients in the To: line. 

  • Efficient: no need for officers and other members to each maintain their own personal distribution list or continuously type member email addresses into the "To:" line.  Officers designated in SPIN maintain the list which all members can then use.

  • Effective: Organization List emails reach all members  - no need to remember everyone who is a member.

Maintaining Student Organization Distribution Lists

Information for student organization presidents, treasurers, and advisors. 

All student organizations have three distribution lists: Member, Adviser/ Officers and Senders.  Any officer with “All Access” or roster permissions in SPIN has the ability to assign “Email Access” permissions to other officers. “Email Access” to a distribution list can grant access to assist in maintaining the membership of the Senders distribution list if this option is enabled.

Instructions for managing SPIN rosters can be found in the User Guide on under Campus Links, at the bottom of the SPIN homepage once you have signed in.

Updates are made automatically from member, officer, and adviser changes in SPIN.  Requests for immediate SPIN changes can be made to  Notification about changes to distribution list access are sent on a timely basis to all advisers and any officers who have been granted access.

Student_Organization - Members Distribution List 

Each organization has a membership distribution list called 'Student_Organization List - Members'.  

Membership is automatically updated based on the member list in SPIN and cannot be updated by any other means.

Please be sure to keep the member information in SPIN up-to-date.

Student_Organization - Adv Ofcr Distribution List

Each organization has an Advisor/Officer distribution list called 'Student_Organization List - Adv Ofcr'.

Membership of the Advisor/Officer distribution list is automatically updated based on the designation of Advisor and certain officer types in SPIN. This list cannot be updated by any other means. To ensure the accuracy of this list be sure to keep current the advisor and officer information in SPIN.

Student_Organization - Senders Distribution List

Each organization has an allowed Senders distribution list called 'Student_Organization List - Senders. 

The Senders list designates who is allowed to send to the Members list - if the Members distribution list is restricted in SPIN.  Please note that the Senders list is not in use for an organization unless the Members list is restricted in SPIN.  

Senders lists can be edited at Only Authorized officers will see the Senders lists.  Anyone who has been granted “Email Access” in SPIN is considered an authorized individual.  

Requests to restrict or un-restrict access for sending to the Members distribution list should be sent to

Naming Conventions for Student Organization Distribution Lists

The UWSP Postmaster will select an appropriate email name for the organization.  The email alias for the organization email mailbox and distribution lists will be assigned based on the name. 

Purpose Alias Display Name Examples

Member Distribution List


Name of Org List - Members

Display Name: Racing Club List - Members Email Alias:  dl-arc

Sender Distribution List which controls who can send to the Member Distribution List


Name of Org List - Senders

Display Name: Racing Club List - Senders Email Alias:  dls-arc

Advisor and Officer Distribution List


Name of Org List - Adv Ofcr

Display Name: Racing Club List - Adv Ofcr Email Alias:  dlo-arc


Have questions?  Please contact the Service Desk or CASE.