Student Organization Mailbox Information

All Student Organizations have an email account and member distribution list created automatically. The Organization's email mailbox is included in the member distribution list.

A Student Organization email account functions the same as an individual email account, but displays the name of the student organization (ex: Chess Club).

Advisors, Presidents and Treasurers of student organizations automatically receive access to the organization's email resources. 

Members of a student organization with "All Access" or roster permissions in SPIN are authorized individuals who can designate which other members can access the organization’s email account.

For more information on Student Organization Distribution lists click here.

Please note the words 'student organization' or 'organization', unless otherwise specified, means a recognized student organization according to the standards set by UWSP Campus Activities and Student Engagement.

Benefits of a Student Organization Mailbox

  • Recipients see your Student Organization name in the To: line as opposed to seeing each member who was sent the email.

  • Messages sent from a Student Organization generally receive more attention than emails sent from personal mailboxes.

  • Use your Student Organization email address on your Organization's web page for a more professional look and consistency across semesters.

  • Student Organization email history is not lost. Messages pertinent to the organization are available to elected officers year after year.

  • Recognized Student Organization mailboxes can be granted permission to send out large mailings to class, major and minor distribution lists.

Email Maintenance Information for Student Organization Officers and Advisors 

Any officer with “All Access” or roster permissions in SPIN has the ability to assign “Email Access” permissions to other members.  Presidents, treasurers, and advisers have “All Access” and “Email Access” by default.

The “Email Access” permissions allow the officer to access the organization mailbox and edit the Senders list.

Instructions for managing SPIN rosters can be found in the User Guide under Campus Links at the bottom of the SPIN homepage once you have signed in.

List updates will happen automatically.  Requests for immediate additions can be made to  Notification of changes to the email account are sent on a timely basis to all advisers and any officers who have been granted mailbox access.

Student Organization Email Mailbox Naming Convention

The UWSP Postmaster will select an appropriate email name for the organization.  The Postmaster will then create a mailbox for the organization based on the email name. 


Naming Convention for the Email Alias

Naming Convention for the Email Display Name



Email Account

Email alias assigned by Postmaster. 

The email display name matches the Name in SPIN and will be a maximum of 47 characters.

Email Display Name: Adventure Racing Club Email Alias:  arc

The email alias is often referred to as the nickname or just as the alias. 

How Do You Access the Email Account?

Detailed instructions will be sent via email to all accounts with authorized access. Instructions are also available on the general email FAQ page.

Have questions?  Please contact the Service Desk or CASE.